10 things I never thought I would do (before I became a mom)

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs
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I was inspired to write this post after a little “voxer” conversation that I was having with Lindsay a good friend when she said “I have to go shower, I haven’t showered in 3 days… and then she went on to describe a lack of hygiene practices that no human should have to be subject to!  Lets just say that I am glad that I have not been around this unnamed person for a few days!!! 😉  Anyway, it got me to thinking about all of the crazy things that us moms do (or don’t do) that would have made us completely gag, or at least cringe at before we became mothers!  so here are a few
{please God, let these readers relate!}

1} I never thought I would EVER not shower for 3 days in a row…yep, had to start with that one. (it still makes me cringe 😉

2} I never thought my signature look would be a mom ponytail…not even a cute one people.  Just one plopped in the middle of my head held in place with whatever rubber band thingy I can find!

3} I never thought I would wear the same jeans 4+ days in a row only because they were conveniently located on under my feet, on the ground exactly where I left them the night before.  (cuts down on laundry right???)

4}…this photo pretty much speaks for itself…but seriously I NEEEEEEEEVER thought my hands and feet would look like this!!!

 5} I never pictured my life as a short order cook, a waitress, busboy, and dishwasher all at the same time…without even getting paid to boot!
6}I never thought I’d ever wear the same makeup for days, where my smudged mascara would actually become my next days eyeliner!!!  (please say you have done this one!)
7}Dont tell my husband this one…but I never thought I would ever wear my bathrobe in the middle of the day and blame it on being cold!  (I slip it off before he gets home 😉 )
8} I never thought that I would need more coffee at 2:30 and wine at 2:34.  Nuff said
9)I never knew that I would think another person was awesome enough to feel the need to photograph them while doing things like pooping, bathing, eating, crying, walking, smiling, climbing, playing, waving, swinging, breathing or laughing and then think I need to text that persons photo to everyone like its the coolest thing ever!
10} I never thought that the expectation of  going grocery shopping alone would involve feelings that would rival those of a child on Christmas eve!!!
11} and last but not least…drumroll please…I never thought that I would love another human being so much that even though they broke a family heirloom, spilled red koolaid on the carpet, peed all over the walls and single handedly cut off their sisters hair all in one day, that I would love that person beyond any human words or comprehension!!!
What would you add to my list of “I never thought…”????    Let us know in the comments below…and have the best day ever ;)…GENA

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