How I stopped being a crazy hostess

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer

The simple way to live is to pace yourself so you can accomplish a lot in life and not get derailed through burnout. -Joyce Meyer

I’m really not a crazy hostess. I’m not out of control in my scheduling of dinner dates and inviting people over. But at one time, I wasn’t as balanced as I am now.

I had to learn, like any newlywed, the limits of going overboard versus finding a balance in entertaining, and one that worked well for both myself and my husband. It takes work to figure that out. And I had to learn to listen to my husband.

Now I ask ahead of time what my husband has going on. We discuss it together who we want to invite over. We think it through …

I’d say some of this comes with age. Maybe it’s wisdom, because I don’t don’t want to burn myself or my husband or my family out. Now I cherish the quiet times where it’s just our family. Kids are coming home from college. Sometimes there are extra kids around the table, sometimes not.

The time where it’s just us — is a gift.

Wisdom is realistic.

Wise people acknowledge their limitations and avoid trying to be super human … each of us can and will burn out if we don’t use wisdom in our scheduling and the commitments we make, Joyce says.

I believe that so much of our entertaining styles come from our personalities. But that aside, I’d really love to engage with my readers and ask a few questions about entertaining, especially with the holidays ahead.

Do you do it because you feel you have to?
Do you enjoy entertaining?
Do you work together as a couple (if you are married) to plan ahead and make it work for your family?
Do you engage your spouse in who to invite over?

Feel free to share. I’d love to take your answers and expound upon them in more posts.


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