How to take things off your plate during holidays

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer

November is the month of thankfulness, lots of entertaining, cooking, and … piling too much on our plates.

I’m raising my hand in the air! Me, Me!

I think learning about balance during the holiday season is so important, and something that took me years to learn.

This would be a good week to sit down with a journal and write out your goals for the next 2 months.

What are the essentials? The things you really have to do, that you can’t get out of.

What are the non-essentials this time of year? For me, they are parties and activities that I really don’t have to attend or be a part of.

How to avoid being over-commited

1. Keep a journal of your hopes, dreams, and desires for you and your family for the holidays.
2. Separate out the pages according to Family, Must-Dos, Dreams, Invitations.
3. Prioritize the essentials and non-essentials in to each category.
4. Family: be willing to ask your family their opinion regarding whether they want to keep traditions going, or it’s time to make a change.
5. Must-Dos: consider stopping, or changing the way, you’ve always done things in the past. Is there a better way? What would happen if you “stopped?”
6. Dream: it’s beautiful to dream and come up with new ideas. Write these down and try something new!
7. Invitations: don’t say yes to any invitation until you’ve really counted the cost.

Everyone has their own convictions regarding what is important to them. But it’s true, sometimes we do over-commit.

We all know what is essential, and learning to take off our list the events that really “don’t need to happen” is key!

The key to being sane.

And happy.

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