9 tips for being stylish in winter

by Shannon Ables
Eastern Oregon writer
The Simply Luxurious Life

The frigid temperatures have set in for many of us as November runs out of days and December eagerly awaits to keep us in our long johns. However, as someone who adores fashion, I refuse to let Old Man Winter win when it comes to not only staying warm but looking stylish.

About a month ago, a reader emailed me to ask the very question I would like to address today. How to dress chic and stylishly no matter how cold the freezing temperatures fall. I want to thank that reader, Anastasiya, for presenting me with such a great question to tackle. I hope today, to have provided a few more ideas. Have a look.

1. Choose Sophistication

Scarves are timeless and can be worn in every season Mother Nature presents. Which is why scarves worn during winter should provide two purposes – functionality (warmth) and style. Choose cashmere, wool or even silk scarves that are grand in size and aesthetically appropriate for your wardrobe to ensure you stay warm and remain confident that you look fabulously chic. (click here to see 25 different ways to wear a scarf to keep you as warm as possible)

2. Tights

Just recently, I wore my first pair of winter tights for the season, and since I love wearing dresses and skirts, they are the only defense I have to keep my fashion preference alive during the chilly months. Have fun with the styles you choose. Remember to consider texture, prints, complementary colors and fabrics. For example, knit or fleece lined tights for extra warm or unique prints and designs rather than one solid color. Click here to gather a few ideas. And the extra benefit of choosing to wear tights is that you can still wear your favorite heels or booties instead of always wearing knee-high boots.

3. Silk

Believe it or not silk is a wonderful choice to include in your winter layering scheme. Worn as a base – silk thermal underwear (if you live in extremely cold environments) or a silk blouse or camisole underneath a sweater or cardigan finished with a blazer keeps you warm, and as long as each of the layers are high quality and thinner rather than bulky, you’ll look stylish as well as warm. Any natural fiber will allow your skin to breathe, such as silk, no matter how many layers you pile on, and it also holds in body heat as well, that is why it is perfect as a base.

4. Knee-high boots

Include in your closet one or two pairs of knee high boots, flat or high heeled depending up on your preference. Pair them with dresses or jeans for either a professional or casual look. The boot provides an extra layer and leaves no skin exposed to the elements. If you will be wearing boots outside in snow or rain, opt away from leather until you are inside so as not to ruin your prized possessions. While Uggs or Hunter wellies may not look as chic as black leather stilettos, they will do the job and get you from one place to the next safely and comfortably.

5. Invest in gloves

Knit gloves are always an inexpensive purchase to keep your hands warm while you are walking or driving, but if you are outside regularly and wearing your favorite winter coat, take time to choose a pair of leather gloves that work well with your winter wardrobe. Begin with a black or brown pair and add any other colors that you prefer. They are fall less bulky and are certain to keep your digits nice and toasty.

6. A Signature Hat

Depending upon the temperatures where you live, you will either need earmuffs or a stocking cap if it’s frigid, or a wool fedora in more mild climates. Either way, choose a style that flatters your physique and your face. The Wall Street Journal shared insights on this exact topic just last month regarding which styles work best with certain faces, so be sure to take a look.

7. Long sleeves, tapered at the wrist

Sweaters and cardigans are a must this time of year, but the style of each of these pieces is very important to continue to present a feminine, chic look. Choose long sleeves that taper as they approach the wrist. This provides warm, but eliminates unnecessary bulk and elongates the arm.

8. Knee-high socks and beyond

Trending currently and more readily available in stores are knit socks that are intended to work with boots and peek out above them to add not only warmth, but texture and accessorize your look. While they provide an additional layer, they can also be a lot of fun.

9. A Quality Winter Coat

Last, but certainly not least, you should have at least one quality winter coat that provides warmth and style the moment you put it on. This is a coat that will last for many seasons to come, so make sure it works with your signature style and daily routines.

While planning for winter will take a bit of conscious effort, the beauty is that when you invest in quality pieces, they will be available year after year. And as fall turns into snow, it’s always nice to know you have warm and style hanging in your closet ready to be worn for the world to see.

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