Enjoying the things that will be gone too soon

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs

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At the beginning of this school year, I watched my  big 2nd grader walk down the long hallway into her new school.  Her head sadly drooped down,  her eyes brimmed with tears, and at that moment as her little heart was breaking,  something happened.  Not to her;  TO ME.  I looked at her and all of the times that a mother with teenagers had said to me “enjoy it because they grow up fast” came flooding back.  I realized that she was no longer my tiny one going to her little school of 30 kids, she was a big girl heading out into a big world.  OK, I fully realize this sounds so dramatic, its not like she was driving away to college, but the impact of it rocked my world.  I knew from that moment on that time does fly by and that I didn’t want to miss another second of it.  I had been living a life of filled to the brim chaos, saying yes to everyone and everything (except tea parties and legos)…I worked out of my home, in my home and around my home…

I am grateful everyday that my eyes have been opened, and although I’m still a busy mama,
I am learning to “SOAK IT ALL UP” because it goes too fast!
Wanna know what this mama is soaking up????

*every sweet soft kiss…every kiss with lips pressed so hard on my cheek that it sends kisses all the way to my toes!!

*every belly laugh, and every sweet yummy smile

*every time they whisper “I love you mommy” as we tuck them into bed

*when I’m told I’m the best mommy in the whole world!

*the times I get to hold my babies in my arms,  because they are almost too heavy to pick up, and I realize that someday it will be the last time.

*piggyback rides that end in sore muscles

*their sweet angel faces that dream as they sleep

*quiet moments when I can just watch them play

*the sound of high little voices singing in the back seat

*little booties that fit into my hand…I love those little soft squishy things! 😉

*innocent prayers at dinner time that end in “The End”

*my new little reader that blows me away every time I listen

*snuggles, snuggles, and more yummy snuggles…


What do you love to soak up????  Share it with us in the comments below!! (and share us with your friends would ya 😉 )

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