Most embrassing moment from 2012

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by Jamie Brazil, Portland
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Author of Prince Charming, Inc.

Like many bloggers, in the closing days of 2012, I am reflecting back on the year that was.  Successes, disappointments, frustrations, and a lot of laughter, too.  It’s all there.  Summarizing the year into a single word, I’d call it a curve.  As in learning curve.  But I was also tried to recall a single moment in 2012 that really stood out from the rest.

There was that ONE moment.

My memory jogged back to the T-mobile store a couple months ago, and I shuddered.

As the sales guy wrestled my phone open to replace my fried SIM card, a shower of dog hair floated from the phone’s guts to the countertop.

How does dog hair get INSIDE my phone?  In that moment, I felt my face burning. Dog hair?  Inside my phone? Who has dog hair inside their phone? 

I do, apparently.

The embarrassment was quickly followed by surrender.  I own a Bloodhound. I’m with her almost all day, every day… so now there’s dog hair covering this man’s work station.  Apologize profusely.

Still, as I cast about for a MOMENT, why did this one come to mind first?   I don’t have an answer, but…

1. This moment wasn’t symbolic of 2012.  ( I hope not!)

2. This will never happen again (because I will slide the cover off myself and blow out the dog hair before I return to T-mobile).

3. If I worked there, fixing people’s cell phones all day long, I wonder where dog fur would rate on the scale of gross phone moments?


Anyway, this is my final post of 2012.  I hope your year has been a good one, and that 2013 will bring you happiness, entertainment, and all that you seek.  And don’t forget to check back here on January 1st, when I begin a nine-day advice-a-thon with 8 superbly talented authors I’m anxious to introduce you to.  What will we be talking about? Resolutions, of course!

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