Witty responses to comments about my 5 boys


Amee Foster
Certified Family Life Educator, Oregon
This Great Adventure Blog
I have heard most, if not all, questions or comments one gets with having a large family.

  • “You know how that happens, right?” Yes, I learned when I was ten. Do you?
  • “Were you trying for a girl?” No. I was trying for five children. At this point, would I know what to do with a girl? I only know how to give a buzz cut!
  • “How do you do it?” Um, I get up in the morning and do what I have to do. Just the same as anyone else, with one child or ten.
  • “Wow. You sure have your hands full.” Duh. But I like them that way. Keeps me out of trouble.
  • “I’d bury myself six feet under if I had that many boys.” This one actually resulted in a call to her supervisor, suggesting tact training for employees.
  • “Are you Catholic (or Mormon)?” At what number does procreating become a religious thing?
  • “I’d go crazy with that many kids.” Who’s to say I haven’t?
  • “Are you done?” It’s so much fun, and they’re so cute, why should I stop?

There are surely many more and so many things we can say. I would like to share a fellow bloggers take on these questions:


Large families, unite!

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