You need to go on more dates. Yes you!

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs
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I’m not really sure if I love this new “badge of honor” that some of us are trying to win….ever notice that when you ask married couples how long it has been since they have been on a date it goes something like “oh, we havent been alone for 6 months…” and then they go on to talk about how busy they are with the kidos…well folks, if you think about it, you have 18 years with your kids (unless they decide to be a starving musician and live in your basement until they are 40)  and you have a lifetime to live with your spouse.

       As married couples, it is sooooo crazy important to make time for each other.  To take care of your relationship and to to grow it constantly so that one day you don’t wake up and go
 “crap who is this jerk laying next to me?????”

So here are a few simple ideas because I just heard a few of you turn your brains off because you just dont think you can do it!!!

1)  Go on date nights AT LEAST once a month….”Oh we are too busy” you say…”we cant afford it”  you say…”we have NOTHING to talk about” you say.  Well, I have the answers!
A) too busy….ok, REALLY???  you dont have one evening a month you can sneak out to improve the MOST IMPORTANT relationship you will ever have???  Nuff said
B) we cant afford it…Find another couple that cant afford it either and do some trading for taking care of each others kids.  It will be good for both of you!!!  OR, Find someone that wants to trade something.  Maybe you clean/ organize/ paint/ do yard work  for them, and they watch your kids???  Pack of picnic with the foods you would eat at home anyway and go play tennis, go for a walk, go to a free concert in the park.  Lots of free options out there!!
C) we have nothing to talk about!  Ok, I get it.  When your days are spent wiping butts and making food, it is easy to run out of interesting things to say that dont have to do with wiping butts and making food!  I get that too…I came across this great blog post (while pinning, my favorite nighttime activity to do while my hunky man watches news 😉 )   Its called The Love grows and its a post with 70 questions to ask your spouse  and its great!!! My hubbie and I are working through the list and not only learning about each other, but having some good laughs too!

2) And dare I say it…Be intimate (physically, emotionally, spiritually)  I don’t think I need to explain the importance of this ;).

3)  laugh people.  stop being so serious weather you are on a date or just at home.  Its free and it will change your life!

4) Read a marriage book, or go to a conference, or join a marriage bible study…do something to grow your relationship.  I seriously think that we take marriage for granted and we think it should be easy and then wonder why it fell apart when we didnt do anything to make it work.  And just a little side note, if you do read or go to a conference, avoid making a list of everything your spouse should learn and do and what they should change, and think instead about what YOU need to do!  Work on yourself, not your spouse ;)…they are going to be as easy to chance and a poop filled diaper on an elephant!!!

Me and my hunky man 😉

So go plan a date night now!  Get out of your sweats and take out that mom pony tail and take that hunky man out on the town ladies…Share your best date night ideas in the comments below, we would love your ideas!!!…GENA

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