“Don’t Feed Me” kid shirts please parents

dntfdmtshrtBy Evergreen,
Oregon writer.

The “Don’t Feed Me” T-Shirt has been a unique help to parents of kids with food allergies.  We forget that some food allergies can serious if a child’s diet is not kept.  Many parents feel helpless as they send kids to school and throughout the day various well intention adults and fellow friends shower their students with sweets and treats.  When you remember those early school days you can imagine what a buffet of hand-outs kids receive. Thanks to the Don’t Feed Me T-Shirt, parents can provide some protection and notice to the others.

But here is my question.

It is a great idea and a step in the right direction. I just would make the shirts a wee bit more fashionable.   You don’t wish the poor child to stand out too much.  I hope some designer will offer up some suggestions to prep up these t-shirts so that they can be more inviting and eventually more popular.


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