I will always be my little man’s first love…

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs
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I can see it in his eyes…every time he looks at me, every time he takes my hand, 
holds my face and kisses me. 
I feel his love when I simply walk into the room.  
 I’m not talking some cheesy romance here…this is the sweet love of my son.
I am his first love.
There will be a day all too soon when a sweet little pony tail wearing cutie will pull his heart away and he will forget that I was his first real love, but I will never forget.  I will forever remember the way his soft little hand felt in mine as he reached up to hold it.  I will treasure the way he stopped in the middle of his play just to say “I love you”.  I will remember snuggling his squishy little body at bed time and his sweet high voice singing me a love song (even if it is “baby, baby, baby ohhhh….”).  I will forever feel his soft sweet kisses and hear his cries when I had to walk away before he wanted.
His long tight hugs and the way he tells me “your the best mommy ever!”
I am his first love.
We as mommies of  little boys  have a GREAT responsibility with these little men that God gave us.  They will learn so much about life and relationships from us, that personally, it makes me a little nervous!  I have put quite a  bit of thought into this just recently, and here is what I know he is learning from me even at the age of 4…
~I am teaching him how to treat his wife someday.
~I am  teaching him how to serve his family, his friends, and the world.
~I will teach him how to stand up and be strong, and how to love gently.
~I want to teach him to keep his pants on (yep, I said it) and his morals high.
~I want to teach him to hold out for God’s perfect plan…and to pray for his wife even before he knows her.
~I want him to know what REAL LOVE is.  Not the fake, movie love story kind, but the kind that he will treasure.
~I will teach him by example that he deserves be respected, spoken to in love and treated kindly by his  wife.
So the responsibility for us means taking time to get down on their level and hold them, listen to them, protect their hearts and care for them.  We think that because their lives revolve around making sticks into guns, peeing on everything that moves, or does not move for that matter, and jumping off the highest roof they can find, that they don’t need our gentleness.  But they do.  They probably wont ask us for it as much as our girls, but they need touch, time and tenderness. Am I taking the time for that???
I like to think of it this way…
Am I treating my son the way I would want his wife to treat him someday?  
Do I talk to him the way she should 
to talk to him?
Do I pour life into him, like I hope 
she will???
So here is my best advice for us all…We have to learn about our boys.  He is not a girl, and we are.  We will not understand them unless we learn about them.  Read books and blog posts, or ask your husband what the heck your son is thinking.  They are not like us, but we can do our best to understand them and this will help them move mountains!  I never though I would have conversations with anyone about the size, shape and color of their poop, but you know what?  he likes his poop, he is proud of it (guess they never grow out of that one!)  and so I’m into it (ok, not really but I pretend for him!)  We connect over the toilet, and I am good with that!  It’s all about connecting.
Oh and by the way, you moms of girls, I’ll be taking “wife” applications in about 20 years, because he is going to be an awesome catch (did I mention he is adorable????)
So take some time today and be the best  “FIRST LOVE” 
that your son could ever have!!!
This is Hunter and I with daddy and our sweet girl that calls HIM, HER first love 😉

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