World Needs More Middle Children

By Rebekah Schneiter,
Out Numbered Blog

I was warned to never have three children, how horrible I was to even consider doing such a thing…creating a middle child! Well, I thankfully ignored the cautions and had my three-kid-family. I’ve decided what the world needs more of is middle children. My experience has led me to believe in middle children. They are the negotiators, they have high intra and interpersonal skills, they communicate between all members of the family, they are sensitive and intuitive. Of course, this is not based on any hard science, just observations of my own middle son. (Of course my best friend growing up was a middle child and I happen to think she is rather fantastic.)

I would like to share some of the conversations I’ve had lately with Mr. C.

1. “Mom, we just spent our whole time outside making Jesus crafts!”

“What do you mean, C?”

C holds up an acorn filled with dirt and grass, “See, all our crafts had to do with earth and life!”

2. Listening to a new song on the radio, “Mom turn that down. Do you hear how sad that is? He loved her, but now she’s with someone else. I don’t think that is very nice of her, but he is calling her baby, so that’s not very nice either.”

3. “Mom, I really hope to marry a good girl. I just hope she doesn’t do drugs.”

4. “I want to marry a girl like you who is smart and beautiful. I think I want to marry a girl who goes to college.” (Yes, please!)

5. “I’d vote for a woman President.”

6. “C, how was school today?”

“Great! Except N sad that girls were stupid, and I don’t think that’s very nice because Mrs. Hawkins is a girl and I think it might make her feel bad.”

“C, how was school today?”

“Great. I always love school.”

7. “Mom, why did God make me such a good snuggler?”

This list goes on. I love my little verbal processor, and in a house full of boys I treasure it!

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