Would you share prize with worker who rejected lottery pool?

mar13-lttrywnnrsBy Evergreen,
Oregon writer

A realtor office in Plantation Florida was the place where several office workers paid $20 each to join an office lottery pool.  The new office assistant passed on the pool.  She had not even received her first paycheck.  It turns out the office had the winning numbers.   The prize was over $300 million, but do not get too excited because the after-taxes payout comes out to $80,000 per worker who participated in the office pool.

As reported, several co-workers decided to make her share int he prize.

Would you have done the same?

This story is far more romantic than the one from last year where the office pool worker from a restaurant won but said that her ticket won and not the one she submitted on behalf of the group.   That turned into an outrage.



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