Bad “Age” Day at cosmetic counter

40 is just a number…until the pieces fall into place and you realize you really are OLD!!!

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs
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I turned 40…Ok, so honestly, I turned 40 almost a year ago and I, my friends was rocking this number!  I didn’t mind turning the big 40 and I certainly didn’t feel it…until yesterday.

I got a chance to go do some girl shopping with a friend after a super long, crazy trying fun day of hanging with our kids, and Sephora was calling our names.  Thinking it was time for a new blush, I’ve been dying to try orgasm…(it’s a real name you dirty minded people!)  anyway…the little 20 year old hottie salesgirl decided I was an easy target and went on to ask me about my foundation routine.    I told her I took about 3 min to dump some foundation combined with sunscreen in my palms and rub it on to my face.

Sounds logical to me, but apparently, she had other plans.  We proceeded directly to the YSL fancy schmancy foundation for “mature skin”.  I thought she was joking at first (especially after noticing the $50 price tag!!)  but nooooo, she was excited to tell me that “when a womens skin ages, you too can have full coverage foundation!!!”  

How nice of her to inform me that I am officially OLD!!!!!   

This sweet little thing and her “help” inspired me to make a list of all of the things that I have been totally denying recently that point to the fact that yes, I am getting old…maybe you can relate 😉

* The first one obviously has to be “when the girl at Sephora sells you foundation for “mature skin”

* When you notice that little patch of saggy skin around your elbow that was not there last tank top season (seriously, what is that all about??)

*When EVERYONE at the table gets carded by the waitress EXCEPT YOU…and for a moment you actually forgot that you weren’t their age!

*When you pull back the skin on your face and neck (you know the creapy way your mom did it when you were a kid) but this time your face actually changes!!!  And the worst part is , it looks BETTER!

*When your 32 year old friends (you know who you are) start to say “you look great for your age!”

*You see someone who is pregnant and all you can think is thank God its not ME!!!

*You talk about pre menopause symptoms with your friends and dress in layers as to always be prepared for the dreaded hot flashes!!! (I seriously can not believe those have started!!!)

*When you need eyelash growth treatment, and the hair around your hairline turns to fuzz

*When you see a picture of yourself that you love and realize the only reason you look so good is because your vision is getting blurry!

*The closest you ever get to being checked out by a random guy is when you are hanging with your cutie 16 year old niece!

…..I could go on…an on….and on….but I’m starting to get depressed ;)….so all of you young hot mamas, enjoy every non wrinkled smile (and elbow for that matter) just like I’m trying to enjoy that fact that I’m not a total prune yet, because we all know that kind of skin and depends are up next!!!

To any one who is new around here…I’m Gena , and this is me and the hunky love of my life (my two little loves of my life were pushed out of the pict for this one . not really. ) We just both hit the big “40” and celebrated 10 years of marriage!  Things are nice.  Really nice. thanks for being here!


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