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Boys, as we know, are of a different breed. Being a Mom of boys is never a dull moment and the things we find ourselves saying may sound normal to you now…but before you had boys you would have never imagined such words being uttered.

So this is for you, Mom’s of boys. All hail the crazy talk.

One of the coolest things for a boy is to be able to pee outside. I mean, it really can’t be beat. So, when summer time rolls around and your kids are outside and they need to go, they can just drop and shoot.

My oldest is 4 1/2 and this past summer he was outside with his twin brothers who weren’t quite two yet and still in diapers. He yelled that he needed to go and I said,
“go for it!”

I glanced outside to see him shooting a high arch while his brother’s looked on with such fascination and awe that Jack notices and shot his arch higher, clearly showing off.

And then I saw it happen, Camden reached out and I yelled

“Don’t let your brother’s touch your pee!!!!”

It was too late and I scooped him up before he stuck his hand in his mouth.

I laughed to myself, thinking “Did I just say that? Did I just see that?”

These boys, ever inquisitive and curious. Ever in awe of their older brother.

Did I freak out? No. It’s just pee.
And, as one nurse in the NICU told me “pee is sterile until it hits the air”….
(I’ll let that nonsense soak in for a minute)

Boys are teaching me to let go of things I can’t control. To let them be 

wild and weird 
and to let them get dirty and yucky.

My Mom always said everything is washable, so let ’em get dirty.

I am “in the process of becoming a reformed neurotic” and these boys are teaching me a great many thing.

Including the fact that yelling “don’t let you brother’s touch your pee” is normal.

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