Working Wardrobe: Secrets of daytime sex appeal

by Lani Grass
Backstage with Lani

Don’t you love being a woman? In a world where men currently have the advantage in business and politics, this is an area where women clearly have the upper hand. Let’s face it, women are much more fun to look at than men. We’re less hairy, we smell better, talk nicer and are much more polished than our counterparts. Women can also be a lot more creative in what we wear and we have a lot more options. When a woman feels sexy, it boosts her confidence, makes her feel good and puts more sass in her step…. and you know what I’m talking about!

Women should give a hint of seduction in her clothes, but never give it all away. I tell this to my clients who are trying to elevate their image in a tasteful way. Think about famous women who have become known for their high quality sex appeal. Visualize Sophia Loren, Jacqueline Onassis, Catherine Deneuve, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. What do these ladies have in common besides their fame? They look drop dead gorgeous without ever having to bare too much skin.

You can do achieve this work-appropriate look by dressing somewhat reserved, with just one element that looks beguiling. In example, you can wear a conservative blouse, a cardigan sweater, but a flattering skirt that shows off your legs with some nice heels.  Every woman knows what her best feature is, so play that up!

Here’s some photos for inspiration…


There is always a fine line between looking sexy and looking over-the-top, but the key is to not show too much skin. You always want to dress professionally, but hint at a little something smoldering beneath that reserve; it leaves something to the imagination. Now, for a night on the town? Well, that’s a different article!

The choice is always yours, make it a good one!

~ Lani

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