Wanna Have a KidVenture?

by Crystal Kupper,
Crystal’s Cliffnotes
Salem Writer

Oregon has been experiencing some freakishly sunny weather for over a month. Nothing but sunny day after sunny day. As a native used to viewing an inch of rain as a “little downpour”, I have to confess: all this sunshine is depressing.

My friend Jen, on the other hand, is used to real winter weather, Indiana style: snow, wind, cold and everything in between. She also happens to be the mother of 6-year-old quadruplet boys (whom I’ve had the privilege of writing about!). So when she says she’s ready for spring, summer and plenty of outdoor adventures, she really knows what she’s talking about!


Hence, I was quite excited when she asked me to review her spankin’-new ebook, KidVentures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Wonder, Discovery & Childhood Memories

 KidVentures is only 64 pages, so it doesn’t take that long to cruise through. But let me tell ya, Jen doesn’t waste any space! She gets right down to every kid’s ultimate summer bucket list: make a homemade zip line. Create a tornado in a jar. Pan for gold. Make coffee can ice cream. And the list goes on!Did I mention this book is already an Amazon best seller???

Here’s what I love about this ebook:

  • It is SO not a Pinterest competition tome. Ask anyone at my MOPS group: before they choose any craft, they must ask themselves, “Could Crystal do this?”I am not on Pinterest and detest crafts. I seriously stink at making even simple stuff, but thankfully, Jen’s ideas are made for people like me. while also being creative enough for all you normal people. All the suggestions are totally doable yet original and fun. Homemade cammo face paint? I can whip up a batch of that!

  • It comes in categories! With a quick glance at the Table of Contents, easily see which activities are suitable for cold weather or nighttime; which are best for creative or explorer types; which involve water or sweat, and so on. I love a good list that allows my planning heart to skip a beat!
  • Jack is stoked for nearly all of the ideas. I made the mistake of reading off ALL the chapter titles. “Let’s do every one right now!” he announced. Whoops. We’re going to aim for one every other day or so. I can’t wait to see which ones he and Jude like best!
  • There’s a little something for everyone. This isn’t just a book for summer, though it’s great for that too. It’s for all climates, genders, ages, abilities, financial situations and interests. Make it as simple or complicated as you’d like — or just let it serve as a springboard for your imagination.Now down to the nitty-gritty (make sure to say that in a Nacho Libre accent): you can check out a sample, if you’d like. Then, if you like what you see, you can purchase this gem for only $4.99 by going here: Click here to visit KidVentures – Jen Murray. (Don’t have an e-reader? No problem — just download it to your desktop).

    Happy summer adventures!

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