Quick fixes for common interior design mistakes

by Julie Nolta
Julie Nolta Design

Quick fixes for common interior design mistakes

Lots of people tell me they’re “design challenged” when it comes to decorating their homes. They feel like they’re not doing it right, but don’t know what to do about it. Here are a few of the common mistakes I see and some easy fixes that will have your rooms looking pulled together in no time.

WALLFLOWER FURNITURE. Too often all the furniture is backed up against the wall leaving a large empty space in the middle of the room, like in the photo below. This makes it hard to have a conversation with the person in the chair way over there!


Quick fix: Pull the furniture out from the walls and get cozy. Sometimes the size of your room may not allow you to do this with all the furniture, but try to do this with at least one piece to create some flow in the room. Try putting a console table behind the sofa with a lamp and some nice accessories. You’ll be surprised at how pulling furniture out into the room can actually make your space look larger.

FLOATING RUGS. If you look again at the room in the picture above, an area rug all by itself in the middle of the room looks lonely and makes the room look unplanned. Rugs should be used to anchor furniture groups in the room and designate a specific area, and of course complete your décor.

Quick fix: Pull the furniture in from the walls and put the front feet of the sofa and chairs onto the rug. If the rug is too small (less than 5 x 7), move it to another area of your home and consider getting a larger one.


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