Reflections on my new granddaughter

Day 1

Terri Patrick
Oregon writer
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Here’s our new granddaughter – Kaedence Grace – on her first day in the world. She arrived gently and her mom had an easy time, finding the birthing ordeal as not that bad. Her daddy was impressed by the whole process. Of course what impressed him the most will be revealed in memories, after he gets some sleep.

Ed and I had jumped every time the phone rang, for six hours, from that first phone call that – “today is the the day” – until the second call inviting us to come meet our new granddaughter. It was almost 10PM but we quickly hopped into the car for the half hour drive. It was a drive where even with two maps, a GPS, and large illuminated signs directing us to the hospital, we were nervous about making a wrong turn.

Kaedence Grace 008

When we arrived in the room, our daughter looked great, our granddaughter was still being attended to by the nurses so we saw all her fingers and toes, and her daddy was watching it all intensely while waiting for his first opportunity to hold his baby girl. This son-in-law, Matt, is the “scrappy” one. He’s exceptionally creative as a professional chef, a talented drummer, and wore a kilt for their wedding on the solstice on 6/21/2011. And this scrappy man suddenly became calm and content as he cradled his baby girl in his arms. She arrived on 7/29/13 at 9:48pm. His birthday is 7/30/85 so she’s an awesome birthday present for daddy.

Ed also had a chance to hold his one-hour-old granddaughter that night. Kaedence Grace 027 At 6 lbs. 5 oz. she’s smaller than a football and lighter than a laptop – but way more delightful than either!

The Meaning of Kaedence is: With musical rhythm. Alternative to Cadence.

The Meaning of Grace is (among many!) : Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion.

Welcome to the world, Kaedence Grace. You chose awesome parents for your life journey. Thank you for joining our family.


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