10 cool things about TODAY… maybe more!

by Jamie Brazil, Portland
Her blog
Author of Prince Charming, Inc.

Okay, I admit, I wrote this blog yesterday – not today – and it came to me in one big rush of gratefulness.

1. It’s the first official day of fall.

2. Found the perfect parking spot at the Park and Ride.

3. The “kid” who sat across from me on the Max was in deep distress. His body language oozed confrontation. He was seeking it, all the while muttering about killing people, and how many times he’d been to jail. And the strange thing about this was, after my initial fear reaction, I was overcome by the urge to practice Tonglen. It’s a Buddhist thing, a sort of meditation, and I am not very practiced at this. I focused on breathing in all his negative energy and breathing out light.After ten minutes the kid mellowed out and I felt a total sense of calm.

In fact, I felt awesome.

4. By the time the train rolled into my stop the skies open up wide. I opened my umbrella and leaned into the wind as I walked up the hill with an absolute joy of being in the moment, of experiencing the rain and the elements. Knowing it was just temporary and seizing this experience of being alive.

5. I met with my sister “Janes” of SEE JANE PUBLISH.

6. My bagel was delicious (I love carbs).

7. After the basics had been covered, we got around to a little gossip. Gossip-lite. I was completely and utterly flabbergasted by the state of online dating. Facial recognition searches? Strange men eating food off your plate on the first date? And that’s just the stuff I can MENTION on the blog. OMG!!! I was shocked, and y’know, maybe it’s good to be shocked sometimes.

8. I glimpsed my shadow later that day. Downtown, en route from Buffalo Exchange to my mothership, J.Crew.

9. Retail therapy to deal with the above shock. I only spent $11.

10. I came home to my husband and hound.

11. Gin.

12. Sharing the adventure of my day with my husband and hound… not that the hound understood, but she curled up by my feet anyway, happy for my return.

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