Excuse me? A miscarriage is NOT a scandal!

Excuse me? A miscarriage is not a scandal!depression-shadow
By Evergreen,
Oregon blogger

Celebrity website Radar Online tried to predict the new dirt on actress Gwyneth Paltrow and produced a big list of 30 possible “scandals”  which included a suspected miscarriage. That scandal item is #20 out #30 and is listed along with other Paltrow items such as adultery, racism, plagiarism, child neglect, etc.. In attacking Gwyneth for having a miscarriage the gossip website attacks every woman who suffered the unimaginable pain of miscarriage. Women already endure great self-inflicted shame and guilt over their miscarriages — when they did nothing wrong.

Even today women struggle with misconceptions about miscarriage. Ohio State University study found that large portions of the public still blame mothers for causing miscarriages despite medical evidence to the contrary. Interestingly, the study shows that the higher education levels of the survey respondents showed them less likely to believe in miscarriage stereotypes. The study suggested that more educated people tend to reach better conclusions on medical advice by being exposed to more opinions and sources than less educated people. With gossip websites like Radar Online that treat miscarriages like a dirty scandal you can see how it contributes to hurtful and unscientific attitudes towards these victimized moms.   What we say gets absorbed by the public.

I wanted to vent these feelings so that others will know that miscarriage is a tragedy and NOT a scandal. I also am posting a link to a wonderful story about a young woman who hid her miscarriage and kept it as a secret. When she began sharing, she healed herself and others.   It’s called The Miscarriage Secret.   (I am linking to them and not the shameless celebrity website).



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