Where is your passion leading you?

by Shannon Ables
Portland writer

The Simply Luxurious Life

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in it, and it will come naturally.” – David Frost

“Pretend it’s your birthday, and you could do whatever you want. What would you do?”

The uber-successful make-up entrepreneur Bobbi Brown shared that this was precisely the question her mother asked her while she was in high school struggling to find her direction. Her answer? She wished nothing more than to go to Chicago’s biggest department store at the time Marshall Fields and play with the makeup.

Brown’s response prompted her mother to encourage her to study make-up in college, which ultimately lead to the head of Estee Lauder – at time, Leonard Lauder – to purchase her business even when her business was not for sale, eventually turning her into a billionaire success story. (Watch the interview here).

The power of finding your passion is not something that comes in a script, foretelling of what how everything will unfold detail by detail in your life, but it is that magical je ne sais quoi that never dies and is always electric, often unnoticeable by the doer, but magnetic to those who surround them.

Yes, success is often in the definition when many of us describe our dream of a happy and contented life, but success cannot be defined by the amount of money in our bank account, the person we spend our time with or how busy our schedules are. Success will be uniquely defined for each individual and how we spend our days.

So while we can find inspiration from others and their stories of success, we must then take the time for introspection and discover our own passions and believe in ourselves unapologetically and absolutely. Because each one of us is the captain of our ships who will determine our destiny.

And while there will be some mighty strong storms that require a strong navigator to hold on to the ship’s wheel, there will also be beautifully calm and serene days to savor once the storms have been weathered successfully.

So hang on, success is inevitable if passion is your fuel.


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