Watching a live jumbotron proposal go wobbly


by Jamie Brazil, Portland
Her blog
Author of Prince Charming, Inc.

Happily-Ever-Jumbotron-After? was published last month on the Soul Mate Publishing author blog, but just in case you missed this near-miss proposal, I thought I’d share it here (and add a photo).

Last week my husband and I went to an NBA pre-season game and my muse went into overdrive during one of the breaks. If you’ve ever wondered where book ideas come from, the answer is life! And last Wednesday, lit up on the giant screen of the Jumbotron above center court, all 10,000 plus fans witnessed the single most suspenseful moments of the night.

After the birthday roll, “Will you marry me?” scrolled across the screen before cutting to a couple in the stands.

This is where things got interesting. When I think marriage proposal on a Jumbotron I’d guess the proposer must be pretty sure of the proposee’s answer. The crowd is EXPECTING an enthusiastic YES, maybe tears of joy, or a long, passionate kiss.

Or not.

As the camera zoomed in on the couple, the would-be bride’s body language was saying everything except YES as she stepped away from him. After a lot of fumbling, he pulled out a ring and got down on bended knee. And still no immediate YES. I wasn’t sure if she was in shock or if she wanted to kill him for proposing to her in front an arena of basketball fans. Or maybe she just wasn’t sure she wanted to marry the guy. The entire proposal seemed to go on and on until she eventually caved in, said yes, and locked lips with her sweetheart.

As proposals go, this was no slam dunk. If this Jumbotron marriage proposal had been a basketball, it rebounded, caught the edge of the rim, and circled a dozen times before gravity mercifully took over and made the basket. Like I said, it was possibly the most suspenseful moment of the night. I was sitting upright in my seat, eyes glued to the screen and fingers crossed for a happy ending… all while my muse hatched story ideas for a novel that begins with a girl refusing a marriage proposal on the Jumbotron.

Not that the NBA will let that happen!

Jamie Brazil is the author Prince Charming, Inc. (Soul Mate Publishing) as well as other novels. She is also one of the Janes at SEE JANE PUBLISH. Current FREE download: The Mayan Sisterhood

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