Winter design for looks, warmth

by Julie Nolta
Julie Nolta Design


The cold and rainy season is upon us again, and we find ourselves spending much more time indoors. At the end of a long day, we want to come home to a warm and safe haven from the bluster outside. If your place doesn’t feel as snug and welcoming as you’d like, here are a few things to try this fall and winter:

Throw on a sweater: Add a soft throw and pillows with fuzzy, sweater-like textures to your bed or sofa for a spot of color and some instant coziness. Replace your cotton sheets with flannel or jersey knit bedding. Keep your toes off the cold floor with an area rug. Whether or not you have carpet, a rug can add texture and visual warmth to the room. Pick one in deep, rich colors to help banish the “drabs” of winter.

Turn on the light: Bring in decorative candles in your favorite scent and an extra lamp or two to lighten up the room and enhance your mood.

Dress your windows: If you’re feeling a draft at the windows, consider adding a honeycomb shade for a little extra insulation. Lined drapery panels can help with that too.

Warm up your walls: White or cool colored rooms can seem cold when you walk into them. Cheer them up with a warm paint color that has yellow or tan undertones, or a color that’s a shade or two deeper than what you have now. And you might get a good deal this time of year when painters are looking for inside work.

What do you do to “warm up” your home? Try some (or all!) of these ideas and enjoy the season!

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