A memoir of hurt

reachingBook Review By Laura Dennis

Review of “Reaching” by author Grace Peterson

Reaching shows how a legacy of abuse, neglect and maliciousness can damage a child. Author Grace Peterson had always felt a strong allegiance to her family, a closeness to her siblings, a willingness to stay in bad situations just to be loyal, good and decent. But neither of her parents saw the goodness in her, and instead belittled, abused and allowed others to abuse her–sexually, psychologically, emotionally, you name it.

The trauma of Grace’s childhood and teenage years affected her in deep and troubling ways. It’s only by what some would say “the grace of God,” or by luck, or by the fact that she is a beautiful, loving person, that she married a good man and started a strong and loving family.

But that didn’t mean that her abuse was over.

She was so traumatized, that she didn’t even realize that the help she sought from a well-known pastor … was a wolf in shepherd’s clothing. No–Brock was no sheep. He was a born leader, and he led Grace into further confusion, delusions, and lies. Reaching is the story of how Grace got herself to that point, and how she ultimately survived.

It’s the writing that will keep you coming back for more in this memoir. Grace uses her observations of nature, her descriptions of family and friends, her unique take on childhood events, her dreams — all to draw her into her world, see life through her eyes, and want to help her break free. An amazing read, truly.

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