“Come Fly With Us” takes you on wild retro spin

bk-comeflywithus“Come Fly with Us” Reviewed by Mary Jane Tenerelli,
Poet, legal writer and Mom


This beautiful book is full of gorgeous historical photos and fun and informative text. This is the story of the flight attendant, from her very beginnings to the present, and what a fascinating story it is as told here. I didn’t realize that the first flight attendants were registered nurses…and that in the 1960s, some wore paper dresses that male business passengers used to burn with their cigarettes or splash with cocktails by way of flirting with them! Others did an airborne striptease for the passengers! The history is interesting, touching and often funny.

I really loved the glamour of the early years of flying in Come Fly With Us. There’s a photograph of a woman in a lace nightie being served breakfast in bed in the 1930s! Even in the 1970s, American Airlines had a piano bar in coach and everyone looks really happy enjoying cocktails and singing around the piano. And for the flight attendants it was pretty glamorous too because they traveled around the world, shopping for leather goods in Italy, dining in the best restaurants in London or Paris, seeing the sights in New York one day and frolicking in the surf off some exotic South Pacific island the next day.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the history of flight, the journey of the flight attendant, fashions around the world, or just a good read. It is the book’s third and WAY BEST edition. The publisher, Ailemo Books had it designed and printed in Oregon and the two authors are Oregonian. Absolutely love this book!


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