A new look into the afterlife

bk-afterlifeAfter We Die – An Extraordinary Description of the Afterlife
By: Colin Ingram
Robert D. Reed Publishers
P. O. Box 1992
Bandon, Oregon 97411

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake,

A Fascinating Consideration of Man’s Existence in the Afterlife

Meditation teacher and prolific writer Colin Ingram considers answers to specific basic questions frequently asked regarding the hereafter, heaven, bliss, eternal life, and salvation in his book “After We Die – An Extraordinary Description of the Afterlife.”

Ingram offers the reader the opportunity to explore fundamental questions in a logical coherent approach. These questions are probing and provocative providing interesting insights in a mixture of information, and revelation for personal contemplation.

The book is divided into three sections: The Author’s Introduction, in which Ingram presents introductory material on the Source, contrasting evidence, the limitations of human thought, the importance of an open mind, and a helpful glossary. In section two Ingram interprets the complex messages he has received, recorded and digested over the years. These messages are impressions received. The interpretations may be controversial; however, his position provides a solid basis for understanding human existence in the non-physical or spiritual realm. Section three is made up of stories whack illustrate some of the advances and mishaps the seeker may meet in their search for the esoteric possibilities of the afterlife.

Ingram is an articulate communicator, imaginative, authoritative and passionate about his analyses. His writing is well organized, in a format that lends itself to ease in reading, comprehension, and assimilation.

“After We Die – An Extraordinary Description of the Afterlife” is a unique treatise and comprehensive resource for further study, for reflection, contemplation, and examination.

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