So You Want to Be a Fashion Designer…

project-runawayOregon author book review:
Project Runaway by Anne Hendren
Ring of Fire Publishing, LLC

Book Review by Leona Grieve

In Project Runaway, author Anne Hendren opens a window into the cutthroat world of the high fashion industry, replete with professional jealousies, heartbreaks, and dashed dreams.

When Idaho-born Karin Ohlsson is hired by a high-powered New York atelier under the wing of owner Anna Seton, she believes she has found her niche. She soon learns, however, that what appears to be a glamorous life in fashion design is, in reality, little better than working in a sweatshop, with Seton stealing designs created by her talented staff and labeling them as their own.

After Karin returns home to Idaho for a visit, she joins her beloved Aunt Hannah’s sewing group. Many of the ladies are of Basque heritage, which begins to influence Karin’s approach in creating new designs. It’s then she envisions a new world of fashion design, and with the support of close friends and family, makes everyone’s dreams come true.

Anne Hendren has a deft hand at characterization: Karin’s co-workers are engaging, hilarious, and tragic. Readers will identify with the depth of Karin’s family ties, friendships, and hold their collective breaths as she finally allows herself to fall in love.
Highly recommended reading.

Anne Hendren earned degrees in Comparative Literature, International Affairs and French from Cornell, Columbia and Wellesley College. She is also the author of A Dream of Good and Evil, and has written articles and edited publications for more than 20 years. Hendren’s wide-ranging interests include the performing arts, literature, electronics and alternative medicine. Her 1999 book, Hidden Lives and Unhistoric Acts recounts how four ninety-year old Idaho women enhanced the quality of life in their community. Ms. Hendren is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

About the Reviewer: Leona Grieve has been the Managing Editor of The Willamette Writer since 1994. Under the pen name Leigh Goodison, she is the author of the medical thriller, The Jigsaw Man, the coming of age/YA novel, Wild Ones, about a foster child who is sent to live on a ranch in southeastern Oregon, The Horse Trailer Owner’s Manual (reference), and Goodies From the Great White North, a cooking memoir. Her latest thriller, Limboland, will be released in 2016.

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