NW ballerina in a surprising Gothic mystery

ballet-niorReview of Ballet Noir by Oregon author Caroline Miller
By Christine Webb,

I’ve just had the pleasure of reading the 4th and latest novel written by Portland, Oregon author, Caroline Miller. It’s a most fascinating and suspenseful read, highlighting Europe’s major concert halls, ballet and a touch of the paranormal. The story centers around Tara Bentley who is a lovely and gifted prima ballerina performing on-tour with a small, Pacific NW ballet company and she wants little more than to dance. She’s also bright, beautiful, witty, a bit cautious, and determined to fulfill her dream to dance her way through the major cities of Europe and beyond. But it’s difficult at best for her to stay focused on her goals when someone else wants her dead. Buffeted by three suitors, loyal friends and an entire ballet troupe, Tara struggles to solve mysteries of the unknown in this quickly paced and well researched gothic mystery that is filled to the brim with the unexpected, a multitude of very well developed characters, European architecture, landscapes and scenarios at their best. In addition to guiding its readers through European cities and mysteries of the unknown, this intriguing love story is beautifully written and one I think readers everywhere will enjoy time and time again…

Caroline Miller’s other three books, short stories and a blog, “Write Away” which is written daily can be found at www.booksbycarolinemiller.com.

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