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Women Entrepeneurs to host new member meeting

July 31, 2008 --

WEO NETWORKING & NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION: WEO’s quarterly networking event is just around the corner (Thursday Aug 7th)! This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow members and guests! Join us in the beautiful Pearl District. We’ll be On Deck for some fun in the sun, refreshing beverages, light fare and great networking. This informal event is exceptional for building new business relationships!

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Anorexia and Its Struggles

July 30, 2008 --

By Gienie Assink

Imagine a disease without a clear diagnosis or cure, a disease caused by neither a virus nor a cancer, a disease with no enemy to trace and root out of the body.  Imagine a self-inflicted disease that haunts you minute-by-minute—a disease that you control, just as it controls you.

Anorexia nervosa, a psychological disorder with physical consequences, is such a disease.  As of 2004, according to the National Academy of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, this eating disorder currently plagues more than 8 million American teenage girls.

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Judging a Book by Its Cover

July 25, 2008 --

By Gienie Assink

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but helping your child select a good book does not have to be a challenge.

 Publishers supply valuable information on the book cover, the jacket, the title page and the back of the title page. 

 On paperback books, look for the genre heading on the spine or the back cover.  Most likely, you also will find the reading level by age for grade. 

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Oregon photo of the week

July 24, 2008 --

Photo by Abbie Storm,

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Friends in Need

July 23, 2008 --

By Gienie Assink

Imagine that one of your friends just had something bad happen—perhaps a relational breakup or a low exam grade.  The only reason you know about that bad news is because someone else told you.  Would you bring up the subject to your friend and express regret?  Would you offer support and advice?

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Unintended message parents send when watching movies

July 22, 2008 --

By Evergreen,

It was interesting watching a pre-teen girl viewing a PG-13 movie with her parents.  The movie had several inappropriate scenes dealing with language and adult sexual humor.  It was said “She is not learning anything she hasn’t heard before.”  Even if true, this is the wrong point.

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Verbal Aggression Among Teens

July 21, 2008 --

By Gienie Assink

Most people can recall being bullied during childhood.  The memories are no doubt unpleasant: Taunting, insults, put-downs, and threats.  Researchers report verbal aggression can wreak long-term mental and emotional harm, particularly during a person’s formative adolescent years.


Charles Atkin, contributor to the Journal of Applied Communication Research, and his colleagues coordinated a survey of 2,300 adolescents about their experiences with verbal aggression, defined as swearing at, insulting, or making cruel/mean comments about another person.

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A day for miracles

July 17, 2008 --

Journal notes from Traveln’ with Charlie Blog,

I witnessed a miracle, an amazing reminder of how very loved we are, how beautiful our creation is, and how precious life is. My grandson, Jesse John, was born around 6:20 p.m. He is the living sign of love between his parents, my son Karl and his wife De Anna. His birth is the culmination of the love Karl’s father, John, and I shared that brought Karl into the world almost 26 years ago. Nearly five years after John died in an accident, his legacy continues through his children and now, a grandson.

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Language is Powerful

July 16, 2008 --

By: Gienie Assink


Nell is the story of a young woman (played by Jodie Foster) raised in virtual isolation in backwoods Appalachia.  When her mother and sister die, Nell is discovered and cared for by a small town doctor Jerry Lovell (Liam Neeson) and big-city psychologist Paula Olson (Natasha Richardson).  Much of the film centers on conflicts within and between Lovell and Olsen, as they try, from differing perspectives, to understand and help Nell.


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Woman of the Month: Shannon Worley for saving a life

July 15, 2008 --

Oregon Women’s Report would like to acknowledge Shannon Worley as the Oregonian Woman of the Month Honor for saving the life of a woman attempting suicide.

Shannon Worley was driving her daughter when they came across a stopped car on the Morrisson bridge.   As Sharron got out to see if she could help the stranger, the  woman ran to the bridge railing and began climbing over it.  Sharron handed her cell-phone to her daughter to call 911 and then ran to help.  The lady said she just wanted to die but Shannon held onto her coat to prevent her.   Shannon said the right thing when she spoke about how the water was very cold and that if she jumped she would follow her.   An officer passing by helped add a helping hand and pull the woman from the bridge ledge.

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