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Daylight Savings Time is unhealthy

October 31, 2010 --

Is It Time to Ditch the Daylight Saving Time Switch?
By HealthDay News

Not turning the clocks back an hour in the fall would offer a simple way to improve people’s health and well-being, according to an English expert. Keeping the time the same would increase the number of “accessible” daylight hours during the fall and winter and encourage more outdoor physical activity, according to Mayer Hillman, a senior fellow emeritus at the Policy Studies Institute in London.

He estimated that eliminating the time change would provide “about 300 additional hours of daylight for adults each year and 200 more for children.”

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Four reasons Halloween may get ruined

October 30, 2010 --

Four reasons Halloween may get ruined
– Real life dangers to overkill, safety hype and more.

1. Halloween overkill
Ms. Skenazy of “Free-Range Kids

Halloween taught marketers that parents are willing to be warned about anything, no matter how preposterous, and then they’re willing to be sold whatever solutions the market can come up with. Face paint so no mask will obscure a child’s vision. Purell, so no child touches a germ. And the biggest boondoggle of all: an adult-supervised party, so no child encounters anything exciting, er, “dangerous.” Think of how Halloween used to be the one day of the year when gaggles of kids took to the streets by themselves—at night even. Big fun! Low cost! But once the party moved inside, to keep kids safe from the nonexistent poisoners, in came all the nonsense. The battery-operated caskets. The hired witch. The Costco veggie trays and plastic everything else. Halloween went from hobo holiday to $6 billion extravaganza.

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When Pets are Under the Influence

October 28, 2010 --

When Pets are Under the Influence
by Randall Haveman, DVM, MS
Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital, PC
16416 SE Sunnyside Rd
Happy Valley, OR  97015

I remember my Father telling a story from his rural childhood.  They “put up” corn silage in a silo with a dirt floored bottom for cattle feed.  The chopped corn fermented and the fluid flowed into the ground.  Their “free range” pigs smelled this delightful liquid and burrowed under the silo to drink heavily in their many tunnels.  The result were six or seven very drunk pigs.  They were happy drunks, but were dangerous and belligerent hung over pigs.

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The best local Halloween costumes and thrift shopping

October 26, 2010 --
Portland style, shopping, trends.
By Karen Vitt,

Fashion is all about fun. And it never gets more fun than on Halloween, when we can dress up sexy or scary or silly and forget our cares for a night of thrills and chills. In fact, the Halloween fun factor is such an appealing escape during this tough economic year that the National Retail Federation predicts people will spend more on Halloween this year than ever before — but that doesn’t mean you have to, thanks to Portland’s stellar vintage and thrift shopping scene.

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Eating dinner together reduces teen drug use


Family Dinners Reduce Teen Drug Use
Survey Shows Teens Who Don’t Eat Dinner With Families Are More Likely to Abuse Drugs
By Bill Hendrick
WebMD Health News

 Teens who don’t sit down with their families for dinners on a regular basis are much more likely to use alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco, compared to young people who do eat meals with their parents, a new study shows.

A report by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA) says that, compared to teens who eat dinner with their families five to seven times per week, those who don’t are twice as likely to have used tobacco, nearly twice as likely to have used alcohol, and 1.5 times likelier to have used marijuana.

The CASA report also says that:

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Supreme Court Set To Rule On Banning Violent Video Games

October 25, 2010 --

By Kyle Niewoehner, Legal Analyst

California Tries To Defend A Law Prohibiting Minors From Buying Violent Games

The Supreme Court is finally set to decide whether states can ban minors from buying violent video games. Oral argument for Arnold Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants Association is scheduled for Tuesday, November 2. This case involves a California law which prohibited minors from buying or renting graphically violent video games. Continuing a trend of lower court decisions on such statutes, the Ninth Circuit Court struck down the law. However, this time the Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal, meaning that at least four justices thought there was some merit to California’s arguments.

Opponents of the law argue that restrictions on video games constitute a violation of free speech and maintain that there is no solid evidence linking violent video games to violent behavior in the real world. California contends that children are a different category under the First Amendment and wants the Court to apply Ginsburg v. New York, a 1968 ruling that gave states more leniency to regulate children’s access to sexually explicit material. Currently, the courts apply strict scrutiny, the most exacting form of judicial review, to video game laws. But under the Ginsburg precedent, states would have far more freedom to justify their regulation of video games.

While the decision to hear an appeal is encouraging for proponents of the law, the recent ruling U.S. v. Stevens provides less hope. In that case, the Supreme Court rejected the government’s argument for restricting videos of animal cruelty. Along with the consistent lower court rulings against such laws, it would seem that this precedent dooms California’s appeal to failure. It’s only hope is that the Supreme Court will see video games as a unique, new threat to the well-being of children akin to the sexual material in Ginsburg. With that in mind, the video game industry submitted numerous amici briefs seeking to acquaint the Court with the diverse nature of video games.

Ironically, one of these briefs references a Terminator game starring “Petitioner Schwarzenegger.” The video game industry also makes sure to point out that there is no solid correlation between violent games and behavior.

This case has far-reaching ramifications for the future of media censorship in the United States. If the Supreme Court applies Ginsburg, not only would it change video game access laws, but it could eventually give states more power to regulate other forms of media. For instance, if violent video games can be restricted, why should online versions of those same games be off-limits for regulation? One precedent can have huge long-term implications.

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The non-napping house


the non-napping house
By Jen Rouse
The Short Years

Oregon Blog

Last night, while visiting a friend with a new baby, we were discussing the pros and cons of pacifier use, and I mentioned that one potential drawback to giving your baby a pacifier is that you might end up with a kid like mine: two and a half years old and still dependent on the pacifier to get to sleep.

Not half an hour later, I got a text from my husband, who was trying to put the girls to bed, wanting to know where the heck said pacifier might be.

I texted back that I had no clue, then fretted to myself the whole rest of my visit about what torture he must be going through at home, trying to put her to bed without it.

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Study: Pregnancy makes women smarter!

October 24, 2010 --

Study: Pregnancy makes women smarter!
HealthDay News

The brains of new mothers actually get bigger within months of giving birth, according to new research. The researchers, most from the Yale University School of Medicine, said that the growth was likely fueled by changes in levels of certain hormones just after birth. They reported finding expansion in areas of the brain associated with behavior and motivation.

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Don’t waste money on fancy business cards

October 23, 2010 --

Don’t Spend a lot of money on your first Business Cards!
By Sweet Dreams Weddings and Events

When I first started out as a wedding planner, I designed my own business cards on Vista Print they were ok. Then as my business grew I created a brand for my business. I then hired a graphic artist to create my business cards, letterhead, note cards, mailing labels and envelopes, and a website to tie it all together. A few years later I did it all again. With the all the artwork and printing that goes into updating your materials, I’ve spent thousands of dollars. I want you to learn from my mistakes. Your first business card will probably not be your last, so don’t spend a lot of money on them.

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Your opinion on: Why you overdrink, Thomas-Hill call, More…

October 22, 2010 --

Your opinion on: Why you overdrink, Thomas-Hill call, More…
Oregon Women’s Report Survey,

1. A survey of 85,000 respondents by UT Southwesten College showed that more women are binge drinking.  if you or “your friends” ever over-drink, what is the most likely reason that causes you to drink more than you intended? (answer here)

a) Peer pressure
b) Emotional release from stress, problems
c) Losing track of how many drinks you had

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