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Teen girls being paid not to get pregnant

September 30, 2011 --

Does a “buck-a-day” keep teen pregnancy away?
By Traci Scott, Oregon writer

An innovative program, College-bound Sisters, was founded at the University of North Carolina with the purpose of incenting girls to keep from getting pregnant. The program pays $1 each day to girls 12 to 18 years old who remain pregnancy free and attend weekly meetings. The money is deposited into an interest-bearing college fund that the girls can collect once they graduate from high school. Some girls have earned as much as $2,000. Nearly 100 percent of the girls who finish the program have gone on to graduate from college. If a girl drops out of the program or gets pregnant, her money is divided among the other girls still in the program.

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Video: Kids kiss melts your heart

September 29, 2011 --

Here is another You Tube video making waves on the internet. Very precious to see this little girl try to reach out with love to her stubborn older brother. Please watch.

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How to create an atmosphere where teens will want to talk

September 28, 2011 --

Creating an Atmosphere to Share
by Chantelle K. Dockter, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Life is busy. I know, that is stating the obvious. But just recently, I truly realized how busy each day really is. It seems like every moment is accounted for. By the time you get the tasks of the day completed, it is time to do it all over again the next day.

Our girls are now 5 and 3 years old. As a therapist that works with a variety of clientele, including teens, I know how important it is to foster a relationship with your children that encourages communication. This can and should begin at an early age.

The tricky part is making the time to do this and even trickier is creating an atmosphere where the child or teen will want to talk.

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Bullying Leads to Another Tragedy


by Erika Weisensee, Oregon Writer

The media is publicizing another tragic case of teen suicide—14-year-old Jayme Rodemeyer of New York took his own life after years of bullying, his family reports. Bullies utilized social networking sites to torment this boy. For every child like Jayme, there are thousands of other children who are bullied and tormented that we never hear about.

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Frets over first-born result in one confident mom

September 27, 2011 --

The only thing I worry about is my lack of worry
by Jen Rouse
The Short Years

Before I became a mother I was pretty sure of one thing–that whatever else may happen, at least I would be a *fair* parent. You always hear that the first-born gets the most attention and the youngest is constantly babied and the middle child is neglected. None of that would be true in my family–I would always treat each child equally and love them all exactly the same.

Two years ago, when my firstborn started kindergarten, I cried. Not big tears, not lengthy tears, but tears, just the same. And now, this year, my middle-born started kindergarten AND my youngest started preschool and not only were my eyes entirely dry, I didn’t even get around to blogging about it until two weeks after the fact. That’s how not a big deal it was, the second time around.

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Brooklyn’s Emily Roebling picks up where her husband left off

September 26, 2011 --

Portrait of Emily  Warren Roebling

by Leona Atkinson
Wondrous Works Blog

“…an everlasting monument to the sacrificing devotion of a woman and of her capacity for that higher education from which she has been too long disbarred.”
–Abram Stevens Hewitt (“Father of the New York City Subway System”)

When Abram Stevens Hewitt spoke those words at the dedication of the Brooklyn Bridge, he was speaking of Emily Warren Roebling. Emily was born on September 23, 1843 in New York during a time that several people were demanding the total emancipation of women.

Joseph Lunn’s “Rights of Women” a three act comedy play for the New York stage presented in 1843 told well the feelings of the day:

“While Europe’s eye is fixed on mighty things, the fate of emperors and the fall of kings,
While guards of state must each produce his plan,
and even children lisp the rights of man,
amid the mighty fuss just let me mention,
The rights of women merit some attention.”

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Plus-Size woman wins contest, gets ultimate revenge

September 25, 2011 --

Now here is a story. A reader is offended at American Apparel’s plus-size women contest because all their promotion seems to demean the plus size women they are targeting. So as a prank she enters — and wins the vote! Must see video.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Study reveals why we choose the friends we choose

September 24, 2011 --

People Tend to Choose Friends Just Like Themselves
— They seek out like-minded individuals because the interaction is smoother, researchers say.

HealthDay News — In large and diverse groups, people with similar beliefs, values and interests tend to stick together, establishing both friendships and romantic relationships with like-minded people, a new study suggests The more choices people have in who they become close to, the researchers found, the more uniform their social circle becomes.

“People prefer to make friends with others who are similar to them. But one can only choose among the available alternatives. A person is far more likely to satisfy their specific grocery needs at a supermarket than a convenience store,” wrote the Wellesley College and University of Kansas researchers. “The irony of the situation is that as settings get more and more diverse, friendships become more homogeneous.”

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We’re being an accomplice to distracted driving

September 23, 2011 --

By Evergreen,
Oregon writer,

It breaks my heart to see child being killed in a preventable auto accident caused by distracted cell drivers. It happened in Port Orchard Washington where a man was sentenced this week to three years in jail for running his car into another killing a baby inside (KATU story here).

The man was texting. Evidence show that he was so distracted that he never even applied his brakes to the car in front of him waiting on a red light.

No time to apply the brakes?
How distracted do you have to be?

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The beauty of a certain age

September 22, 2011 --

By Cathy Rae Smith
founder of Culture Magazine

While I can go routinely unaddressed here at home, travels abroad, especially to France, invariably bring me unsolicited compliments. Our general culture still seems fixated on the notion that beauty is the exclusive right of youth. France, on the other hand, culturally regards women increasingly more fascinating as life experience deepens their wisdom, sophistication and worldly perspective. French actress Catherine Deneuve (born in 1943) has nearly taken on the status of a national treasure of beauty as she has matured into a world-class talent. So, too, is the regard for Sophia Loren in Europe.

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