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Win a new Kindle Fire! — Inspiration Writing Contest

February 29, 2012 --

Kindle Fire — Writing Contest!!!
-Previous published essays welcomed!-

Oregon Women’s Report is giving away a new Kindle Fire eReader (7″ color display screen w/WiFi) as part of our “Inspiration” Writing Contest. The Kindle Fire was just released last October and is the hottest eReader on the market. The Kindle Fire gives you free online cloud storage and access to Amazon’s 19 million movies, TV shows, songs, magazines & books.

Previous published material accepted: Includes book, magazine & blog excerpts from the author.

Subject Focus “Inspiration”: We are seeking non-fiction submissions that are inspirational, courageous, memorable or enlightening. It can be about precious family moments, life lessons, advice given, life changing events, stories of friendship, role models, personal inspirations or motivations for you or someone you know. If you have never taken the time to write about someone who made a difference in your life – now may be the perfect time.

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Teaching your family to eat at home (more often)

February 28, 2012 --

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer

For every family there are nights when the kids have after-school activities, or you have a late meeting, for us many soccer games, only to get home late, with an empty fridge, and hungry stomachs that are screaming for food.

Are you prepared or do you eat out?

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Why not…revel in being a woman?

February 27, 2012 --

Why Not . . . Revel in Being a Woman?
by Shannon Ables
Simply Luxurious Life

Women’s rights seems to be the topic of great debate recently as a variety of stories have brought contraception, health care and women’s equality to the forefront of the news. While I will spare you from jumping on my soap box, I will say, it certainly has revved up my engines as I try to not take the many rights and freedoms I have as a woman living in the United States for granted.

Did you know?

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Mt. Hood climber’s last photo before death made public

February 23, 2012 --

By Evergreen,
Oregon writer

Jared Townsley of Tigard (Age 32) was a Mt. Hood climber who fell down a cliff and died. Jared’s body was recovered this month. This was among the final photos from his camera recovered from his possessions. His family released the picture along with thanks for all those involved in the search. It seems from the last photo that Jared was surrounded by incredible beauty — something that we can easily take for granted in life, in nature around us and our friends. More from KGW here.

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“Old Hollywood” Kicks Off Oscar Challenge


by Kelli Warner
KMTR-TV Morning News anchor
Springfield, OR

It’s another big weekend for Hollywood and on a personal level, quite an accomplished weekend for me.

This Sunday, I will watch the Academy Awards having actually, for the first time, done my homework.

Call it an impulse decision, a crazy whim, or a calculated personal challenge. Whatever it was, my co-anchor, Marc, and I announced on-air to our viewers that we would commit to watching all the movies nominated for a “Best Picture” Oscar.

All nine. (silence)

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Healthy Boy, Grateful Hearts

February 22, 2012 --

By Erika Weisensee
Milwaukie mom & writer

A few months ago, I wrote for this website about the growth of my family by adoption. It was eight months ago that my husband Alex and I traveled to China to bring home our son Henry. He was just two and the journey to meet and bring him home was amazing, exhausting, and unlike any other travel or any other time in our lives. The past eight months have been fun and tiring, happy and stressful— all wrapped in one.

To anticipate a question we have received a lot: Yes, people do adopt boys from China. Far more girls are given up in China, but some boys are, too. We told our adoption agency that we were open to a child of either gender, and we were told that we would be matched more quickly because of that. We also learned that far more families in our program—a program for children with correctable medical needs—asked for girls, so that families open to boys were very much needed.

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Five steps to training conscious eaters

February 21, 2012 --

by Elisha Joyce
Rebel Grain

This week on twitter I was reminded of a this great quote:

We are walking billboards. If we are overweight and out of shape, lack vitality and enthusiasm, we are telling the world on our billboard, “I don’t care.” On the other hand, if you take care of your body by giving it proper nutrition and exercise, you will exude vitality and enthusiasm. Your sign will read, “I have pride, I have discipline, I take care of this God-given body, it’s my moral obligation.”

-Jack Lallane, from his book Revitalize Your Life: Improve Your Looks, Your Health & Your Sex Life.

Growing up in a bodybuilding house this idea that we are “walking billboards” was always top of mind. Why? Because people are watching. Yes, whether we like it or not, others are watching our “example.”  How we talk, how we dress, how we look, where we go, what we do – it all says something about what takes priority in our heart.

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How to celebrate Cherry Pie Day

February 20, 2012 --

Cherry Pie Day
by Cupcake Kisses N Crumbs

Cherry Pie Day Is February 20th!

What a fun idea. Cherry Pies are pretty stinkin’ charming and cute!

I have NEVER made a cherry pie, and as much as I would like to, I seriously doubt I will get to it, unless I maybe do a couple mini ones with my mini pie maker!

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Song of the Heart — Poetry Prize Winner

February 18, 2012 --

This is our 2012 Poet Prize winner of our Valentine’s Contest

Song of the Heart
By Lora Lafayette
Portland, Oregon

I feel you like freedom from sorrow.
Your name is scorched in my existence.
I carry you when you matter most.
And sing at the smallness of discretion.
I live the music you are to me.
I want to share your air –
Breath coming in serendipitous bursts.

We are bound in bands of humour.
We are significant in each other.
We perspire in frequently habitual lyrics.
And gaze into perfectly formed smiles.
Our union is remarkable and true
And wills matched never forgetful.
We are roses and lilies,
And worship in synchronized spells.
We quell the smallest trepidation of resource,
.And outlast the unfurnished longing.

I sing to you, love.
I take your song as me.


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Do you Love Me?

February 17, 2012 --

– Silver Prize Winner (2/2) for our “Love” Writing Contest.
– Winners are being featured all this week.

Billie Reynolds
King City, Oregon

Because there were no available jobs in the early 1950’s, we moved to Oregon. Our two-year- old son, my husband and I rented our Arizona house then rode on a Greyhound bus for 33 hours to Oregon. Bill’s knowledge of the new resins that he gained at the Goodyear plant making experimental “p-tubes for fighter jets” made him just the guy for a plant which manufactured glass-resin boats.

We stayed with his parents for the first few months, then were able to rent a little place with floors so slanted the mop water at the high end ran down to the low end.

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