Women’s Report is now Oregon Book Report

womenchnagedWomen’s Report is now Book Report!

When we started Women’s Report five years ago we had no idea that our biggest fans would be writers & booklovers. We also did not know that these Oregon writers shared a giant common problem. Publishers told them that their books would go nowhere unless they had a way to promote them online.

Women’s Report saw this as an once-in-a-lifetime chance to help Oregon women make their dreams come true.

So we’re refocusing our efforts on a book review site where we mix timely national book reviews with local books reviews to boost local authors.

We kick-off Tuesday Dec 3rd with the first of our six book review prize winners. We have invested $300 into local women writers for this contest (making us one of the largest writing contest prize awarders in the NW).

Please visit us, read a review and leave a comment.

P.S. All of our five year archive of Women’s Report articles will be still here for people to view.

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