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The Eight Page Girl and One Sentence Boy

April 30, 2009 --

Submitted by Kay Helbling

You ask a child to write a story and, especially if it’s a boy, you’ll hear more groans and moans then would fill a Super Bowl stadium. Such was my dilemma when raising my two boys and as a teacher when asked to teach a writing class at our private school.

Writing has never been my strength. Numbers were always my love and joy. I could turn out a great research paper or technical report, but ask me to be creative and I run for the hills. As such, I thought of myself as a very unlikely candidate to reach the soul of a writer. Unfortunately, a small private school must stretch its meager funds by having teachers step out of their comfort zone and really, much of writing is technical. You need to use the correct verb form, know the difference between a phrase and a clause and of course avoid those unsightly hanging participles, run-on, or fragmented sentences.

How could I narrow the focus of the “eight-page” girl or broaden the perspective of the “one sentence” boy? How could I bridge the dryness of the mechanics of the subject so that it could reach the creative soul of the writer?

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Your lifeStyle and how it relates to good Interior Design

April 28, 2009 --

Jan Springer, Director
Heritage School of Interior Design

Just as in fashion, we are no longer required to wear the latest color, hem line or clothing style du jour. Instead we are wearing what is comfortable, flattering and affordable. Home interiors have evolved from the dictates of the design industry to individual personal lifestyle. Of course we our influenced by tradition and the latest trends, but more importantly, by how we live. For most of life can get chaotic and our home should provide us with the chance to renew and refresh.

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Portland Comedian in Iraq Diary: Final Days

April 27, 2009 --

by Sharon Lacey, Portland Comedian

Many people think Iraq is a hot oven all year.  It’s not.  It can snow in the winter, and it definitely felt cold enough to snow last night here at Meraz Base near Mosul.  The heater in my bunk just couldn’t do the job, and the one thin blanket supplied didn’t help much,. During the night I put on my winter coat over my clothes, and added gloves, muffler, two pairs of socks, and leggings. And yet I awake this morning, shivering. I’m staying in the VIP quarters.  I can only imagine how cold the soldiers must be.

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What is wrong with this photo?

April 26, 2009 --

I saw this ad online encouraging moms to go back to school and could not help but wonder what kind of crazy school is the picture woman going to where you do workouts?

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Movie Review: Earth

April 25, 2009 --

By Linda Kopp,
Review from a Woman’s perspective

Earth is a movie that is adventurous for the whole family.  You will be overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery, majestic animals, along with the unique storyline that parallels with the animals daily steps in the desert and tropic forest.  The scenes are breathtaking and the photography is brilliant.  This film takes you away from the hustles of life in Western culture.  The narrator shares a storyline of a herd of elephants, specifically a mother and her calf, as they are separated from the herd, on their desperate search to find water.  The movie also portrays lifestyles of other animal species such as cranes, lions, whales, dolphins, and giraffe.  This film will bring the zoo and the world to you.
My Grade: A+
100 Critics score: 83%
Things to Like: Majestic waterfalls, sites of a far away land, and creatures great and small.
Things to Caution: Scary for small children, as there are animal attack scenes.

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9 Parenting Tips For Building Character in Children

April 24, 2009 --

By Jean Tracy,, Parent Newsletter

The father of a second grader bragged, “Jesse received 100% on his math and spelling tests.” “Wonderful!” said his grandparents. Jesse smiled, “It’s because I have a big brain.”  We grill our kids about homework. We fuss when it’s sloppy. Good report cards make us proud. Why? We want our children to succeed. Like the father in the story, we love bragging about their “big brains.”

What about Character?

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Volunteer Week meets Arbor Day in Oregon

April 23, 2009 --

by Kay Helbling

The unselfish giving of thousands of folks in Oregon who volunteer each year is remarkable. (see Volunteers in Oregon, the Backbone of Our Economy, OregonWomensReport 1-29-09). An example of this can best be described by my recent introduction to a group in our local parish called “Mary’s Cousins”. Not unlike other volunteer activities, these women come together to fill a need and warm hearts.

During one morning service, our Pastor asked all the women in Mary’s Cousins to stand. One after another, all around me stood women wearing crocheted and knitted shawls—a myriad of style and color.
But these shawls weren’t for them. Instead, they made the shawls for members of the community who were experiencing a life threatening or life changing challenge. If the recipient feels a spiritual lift as they wrap the shawl around their shoulders, it is no wonder. The name of the folks in emotional need are offered up to Mary’s Cousins. While stitches are added, prayers are said for that individual or family.

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Tween Girls Bombarded With Unhealthy Messages

April 22, 2009 --

By Erika Weisensee

That sex sells is nothing new. That sexy images and ideas are being bought and marketed to younger and younger people is disturbing.  Corporations have recognized the buying potential of today’s hottest target market: Tweens. Defined as 8 to 12-year-olds, tweens are not quite teens and no longer little children. But let us not forget, they are still children.

Today’s tweens are technologically savvy and avid consumers of media.  Messages come at them from all angles, from TV and movies, from music and the Internet. Girls, in particular, are bombarded with pressure to look and be sexy long before their minds or bodies are ready for it.

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Exercise Becomes You—Building a Better Body Image

April 21, 2009 --

Olivia C. Rossi, RN, MSN, ACSM
Your Personal Trainer

You may not be able to change your body type—you have your parents to thank for that– or maybe not!  You can, however, change the shape that you’re in and how you think of yourself.  The goals you set and how you present yourself related to your appearance (your body image) are yours to make.  You are the only you there is, so make the most of you.

One of the best ways to begin is by celebrating what you can do when you are healthy and fit.   Yes, you’ll look better but that comes from feeling better.

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Single Mom and Doctoring Pioneer: Bethenia Owens-Adair

April 20, 2009 --

By Naomi Inman
Oregon’s Lipstick Revolution series

The first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States was Elizabeth Blackwell in 1849.  Not far behind Blackwell, and well ahead of her own time was a single, teenage mom, Bethenia Owens-Adair (1840-1926), who became one of the first women to practice medicine in Oregon.  She waltzed into the world of medicine alone and unafraid to pursue her passion. She was unhampered by her circumstances.

A child of the Oregon Trail, Bethenia’s family settled near Astoria.  By age 16 she was married and had a son named George.  She could have succumbed to what happened next, but instead she soared.  She had a husband who wouldn’t work and had a violent temper.  So she divorced him at 19 and set out to “make a living for herself.”

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