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A lovely day hike on the Pacific Crest Trail

August 31, 2012 --

by Olivia Rossi, RN, MSN
Your Personal Trainer                                               

Exploring Portland’s Backyard—Along the Pacific Crest Trail.

We arrived at Timberline Lodge about 11 o’clock that morning and headed up the paved path about 200 yards to the intersection of the Pacific Crest Trail.  The total distance of the trail spans 2650 miles.  With only two hours till lunch, we had a decision to make:  a right turn would take us 2100 miles to Mexico, a left, 550 miles to Canada.  We opted for the right turn. We forded a small stream that took us over rocks to a sandy downhill pathway lined with bright purple wildflowers and craggy tree snags.  The day was glorious and the sky was deep blue.  I stopped, looked over my shoulder and captured this glimpse of grandeur.

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9 Beauty Tricks That Really Work!

August 30, 2012 --

by Lani Grass
Backstage with Lani

Ever get bored with the same old reflection staring back at yourself in the mirror every day? Ever wish you just looked better, more youthful, more hip or just, well, different?

Here’s some things you can do today to get a little more gorgeous!

1. Get a new hair color. Whether you choose something drastic, decide to cover your gray or just add a few highlights, having color in your hair gives your face an instant boost. And then you can swing your hair like those Clairol commercials!

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How much damage can two boys do when I leave my house?

August 29, 2012 --

Tawna Fenske
Oregon romance writer
Believe it or Not
Blog “Don’t pet me, I’m writing”

If I ever again suggest I’d like to pack up my entire household and move to a different home, you have my permission to slam my nipples in the kitchen cupboard repeatedly until I black out.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you’ll be happy to know my move is complete. We’re still living out of boxes, and my former home still contains many odds and ends that must be relocated.

The housemates, for example.  Many of you have followed my housemate stories from the beginning, but for those just joining the party, here’s a recap: at the start of my divorce in the spring of 2011, the home I shared with my ex proved to be the most challenging asset to divide. Knowing the process might drag out a long time and that prostitution wasn’t a desirable method of paying the mortgage, I rented out two rooms in the home to a couple of twenty-something boys.

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Straight talk on divorce…listen up sister!

August 28, 2012 --

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs
From Blog Earth Monkey Moms

I am a divorcé. Oh the horror, gasp, no way, OMG! There was a time in my early years of being married that I was very judgmental toward people that did not “honor their commitment to marriage!” Wow how those kind of stupid “holier than thou” thoughts have come back to bite me in the butt!!!

I was married for almost 7 years when a week before our 8th anniversary, my husband moved out. Now I’m sure that you all are just dying to hear that story, (right) but suffice it say that it happened very suddenly and I not only lost my husband, but my best friend (you get my drift???). To say that it was horribly devastating, heartbreaking and traumatic, is at best, and understatement. I remember the moment that I learned why they call it a “broken heart”, and why someone could drive off of a cliff because of it. This was the person that I had committed my life to, the man I thought I would grow old with, the man I built my life around!

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My victory over the thumb-sucker

August 27, 2012 --

by Kari Patterson
The Sacred Mundane

Attention, attention: We’ve had a victory! There is now one fewer thumb-sucker in the world.

That’s right. Thanks to a friend supplying us with some no-bite gel for Heidi’s thumbs, she is now weaned off the thumb. In fact, even though it’s supposed to be applied for 30 days in order to break the habit, it was so effective she quit sucking her thumb after one day and hasn’t used the gel since.

If only it were that easy for us, right? (A friend of mine commented, “I need to put some of that stuff on the chocolate in my house!”)

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Video: Portland man recaptures stolen bike off Craigslist

August 25, 2012 --

Criagslist not only gives thieves a chance to sell stolen goods, but it gives ordinary people like you and me a chance to steal them back as this Portland man did. He also captured it on video.

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Football fashion for women — will it fly?

August 24, 2012 --

Football fashion for women — will it fly?
By Evergreen, Oregon writer

The National Football League has just rolled out an ad campaign promoting foot ball fashion for women. You can see the picture below of several celebrities sporting their new outfits. Tennis star Serena Williams is shown promoting her team the Miami Dolphins. Most surprising is former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (far right) in her team’s uniform. The wife of the owner of the New York Jets is in the photo and she demanded that she be photographed with her handbag she always brings to games. Will it work? I think in a small way it will. American football is the world’s most profitable sport. New moms are sucked into the football universe every year when they send their kids of to college. I think these campaign will be a success.

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Why I refuse to have a scale in my home

August 23, 2012 --

by Elisha Joyce
Rebel Grain Inc founder, Portland
Rebel Grain blog

Yesterday my 11 year old daughter said, “Mom, we need a scale”.

“A scale,” I asked?

“Yeah – so and so has a scale and when I weighed myself I weighed more than I thought I would. I want a scale so I can keep track of what I weigh.”

“Honey,” I said, “what has you worried about how much you weigh? Do you feel good and strong?”

“Yes,” she says.

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The cure for insomnia & hot flashes in your freezer!

August 22, 2012 --

By Lin Willett
Gladstone, Oregon
That’s what adults do

How can this common item in your freezer cure insomnia, constipation, and maybe even weight gain? Sounds like a cheap scam ad doesn’t it?

After two years of trying to stay asleep through hot flashes with sleep aides, hormones, and fans, I finally tried wrapping a hand towel around a large flat container of frozen Blue Ice.

I place it on my chest the minute I start feeling hot. Immediately the flash is quelled and I feel my body coming back into equilibrium. My extremities stay under the covers now which allows me to get back to sleep. When I awake later, I am able to go back to sleep by simply repositioning the ice pack instead of drifting off only to wake up again and again due to more flashes.

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How the Aurora Police began to laugh again

August 21, 2012 --

by Crystal Kupper,
Crystal’s Cliffnotes
Salem Writer

In today’s 24/7 news cycle, bad news shouldn’t shock us. After all, that’s usually all we see. And several days ago, that trend continued when a shoot-em-up, grisly murder scene leapt from the movie screen to reality. In the very place where people come to be entertained by imaginary violence, 12 people lost their very real, very precious lives.

Of course, we know all these facts by now. We know about Aurora, just like we know all about Columbine, Springfield, Fort Hood and so many others. And though we should be used to such tragedies, we never are…because as humans, we instictively know there is something better out there than this messed-up, sinful world.

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