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Most embrassing moment from 2012

December 31, 2012 --

buddhist hound

by Jamie Brazil, Portland
Her blog
Author of Prince Charming, Inc.

Like many bloggers, in the closing days of 2012, I am reflecting back on the year that was.  Successes, disappointments, frustrations, and a lot of laughter, too.  It’s all there.  Summarizing the year into a single word, I’d call it a curve.  As in learning curve.  But I was also tried to recall a single moment in 2012 that really stood out from the rest.

There was that ONE moment.

My memory jogged back to the T-mobile store a couple months ago, and I shuddered.

As the sales guy wrestled my phone open to replace my fried SIM card, a shower of dog hair floated from the phone’s guts to the countertop.

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Weekly Photo: Start diet with fat blocking Pepsi?

December 29, 2012 --

Maybe you missed this but Pepsi has invented a fat-blocking cola.  It is being introduced in Japan, maybe because no one would believe them in America.  Below is their first ad for their magic potion coal.

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How to guide: Storing Christmas letters & photos

December 28, 2012 --

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer
Medford blogger, author, entertainer

Our family sat around the dinner table together and Paul read the letter.

The letter.

Ever since our kids were born we’ve put out a family Christmas letter to send to family and friends. We usually run it by the kids first, to make sure they’re okay with the stories, and then Paul writes the ending …

This year I told the kids that I have all of our annual Christmas letter and pictures stored in their “memory books” – for Elliot 20 years worth, Garrett 18, and for Abby 16 years of letters and annual Christmas pictures.

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Make those resolutions a keeper

December 27, 2012 --

By Erika Weisensee

It’s that time of year again. Millions of Americans are promising to get fit, break their bad habits, and spend more time with family and friends. On January 1st, many of us will toss our 2011 calendars into recycle bins, eager to begin the New Year with a fresh start. But the reality is, most of us will fall back into old patterns before we even hit spring.

A recent survey by FranklinCovey revealed the most common New Year’s resolutions. According to the survey, which polled more than 15,000 people, the most popular resolutions are: 1) getting out of debt or saving money; 2) losing weight; and 3) developing a healthy habit (e.g., exercise or eating healthy).

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6 things I have learned about love so far…

December 26, 2012 --


by Shannon Ables
Eastern Oregon writer
The Simply Luxurious Life

“If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love.”  -Anonymous

This past weekend was a rare opportunity to be free from nearly all obligations and just putz around the house (view my Instagram pictures that tell the tale). And as I rarely have such weekends, I reveled in it (just as much as I adore my weekends away).

Needless to say, I took some time to contemplate love. Not only romantic love, but doing what one loves and immersing oneself in such pursuits. With a lovely early morning conversation on Friday with a dear friend, our conversation sparked the notion that life is about doing what one loves and not chasing it. And that in essence is what draws to you opportunities that are worth pursuing – whether in one’s professional or personal life.

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Photo: Remember those serving overseas at Christmas

December 25, 2012 --


Say a prayer, give thanks and remember those brave men and women serving overseas.

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This Christmas ornament means everything

December 24, 2012 --

olivia-chxDecember Born–Baby,s First Ornament Re-visited

Your Personal Trainer:
Olivia C. Rossi,
Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist, ACSM

It’s the first ornament on my tree every Christmas and the last one off. It’s my son’s first ornament, a Hallmark “hallmark” that I received in 1979. He was born just two-and-a-half weeks before Christmas. I was given this little ornament, this Christmas stocking that fills my heart still, even as I hung it on my tree today. The friend who gave it to me told me to savor every minute because the time goes so quickly. She was right.

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Weekly Photo: Lawbreakers meet real live Grinch

December 23, 2012 --

In Florida the local Sheriff’s office decided to put on Grinch outfits meet driver’s who broke the speed limit at a nearby local elementary school. The Grinch (Officer_ offers the driver a choice– either accept a speeding ticket or an onion.


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Get your powder bath ready for Christmas company

December 21, 2012 --

by Julie Nolta
Julie Nolta Design
‘Tis the season for Christmas parties and company coming over to celebrate.  We work hard to decorate our homes to inspire holiday cheer, and the powder room or hall bath should be no exception. Just a few touches will make your guests feel like you’ve thought of everything to make them feel welcome.  Here are some ideas:

  • Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be limited to red and green. Work with the colors you’re already using in your room, and just add silver or gold items.
  • Light a few candles to add warmth and a Christmas-y scent.
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The Introvert’s Guide to Holiday Parties

December 20, 2012 --

by Lani Grass
Backstage with Lani

It’s that time of year again, company parties and social gatherings everywhere. Will you have to mingle with company leaders as well as strangers and at the same time try make a good impression too? For a natural introvert, this is a stressful time of year.  But instead of trying to muddle through it, you can use these tips below to help prepare yourself and actually enjoy the upcoming season.

Create your mindset:

  • Use imagery- Picture yourself confident and looking poised. Remember  an experience when you successfully mingled and had a good time. Tell yourself that although you feel anxious, you look calm.  And even though you’re in an extrovert’s turf, you can certainly fake it for a couple of hours.
  • Take a few deep breaths- Oxygenation of the brain reduces excessive anxiety levels. Paying attention to your breathing. Breathing slowly, deeply and purposefully into your body will actually force your body to calm itself.

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