March 30, 2010 - Pilling a cat is not impossible

By Randall W. Haveman, DVM, MS Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital, PC Happy Valley, Oregon There are many reasons for giving pills to our pets.  It can be one of those times when your cat can seem like an exotic and wild beast. The old joke is that to pill a dog […]

March 29, 2010 - Hospitality: Keep it Simple!

by Sandy, Reluctant Entertainer Blog, Oregon author Many times I’ve been inspired by comments that I get from readers. One friend was getting ready to speak about hospitality in her church, and she emailed me for advice. I loved her heart when she made this statement to me, and I […]

March 28, 2010 - 7th Grade Teacher caught teaching drunk

The video story of the week is the national mockery of the 7th grade teacher who showed up to class drunk and was later arrested.  We know that kids can drive teachers crazy — but can they drive them to a drunken binge?   Video below (pardon ad) shows the details.

March 27, 2010 - How to Discipline Kids Without Arguments

By Jean Tracy, NW writer Kids What happens to discipline when your child argues with you? Does the discipline become a battle? Learn 3 ways to model character and practice the winning formula for solving arguments. It’s time you get the respect you deserve. The Discipline Problem: Endless Arguing […]

March 26, 2010 - Waterwise plants are perfect for your garden

‘Waterwise’ plants are beautiful and efficient Oregon State University Extension Office, CORVALLIS, Ore. – Some of the most popular garden annuals and perennials are “waterwise” plants, which once established, survive in gardens with little or no irrigation. They include lavender, blanket flower, black-eyed Susan and California fuschia, for example.  “Often […]

March 26, 2010 - New Restrictions on Tanning Beds

HealthDay News — Recent calls for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to clamp down on tanning bed use will heat up again Thursday as an agency panel debates new restrictions on the devices, which some health experts say contribute to cancer.”We are hoping the FDA will reclassify tanning beds,” […]

March 25, 2010 - Fat Study: Last Supper meal expands over time

By Evergreen, Oregon writer Someone had the time and treasurer to examine 50 different paintings of the Last Supper.  The various paintings spanned over 1000 years.  What the researcher found was that as time went on the meal portions grew in size.  Consider it a very odd window into people’s […]

March 24, 2010 - Outdoor Living Spaces On A Budget

By Erika Weisensee Milwaukie mom, When spring finally arrives, Oregonians are eager to get outdoors. For many of us, that means barbecuing, working in the yard, and relaxing on the back porch with kids, family and friends. For a number of years now, home decorators have promoted the idea of […]

March 23, 2010 - Portland school hug-ban makes national news

By Christina Rainey, Oregon mom – Take our Hug-ban survey here, Survey also includes Tiger Woods, Bad Resturant questions) A Portland middle school recently captured the national spotlight with their decision to ban hugging.  The so-called “hug ban” was highlighted in a recent USA Today article, illustrating a national trend […]

March 22, 2010 - Can we women truly find balance?

By Kelli Warner, KMTR-TV Morning News anchor, Springfield As women, it seems we are always looking to find balance in our lives.I know as a working mother, this has been a struggle of mine for some time. Because—let’s not sugar-coat it—motherhood is a big job. Think about it. You are […]