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A love-hate saga with car seats

January 31, 2011 --

About Car Seats
By Jen Rouse
The Short Years

Oregon Blog

I always use them. Always. Even when we are just going around the corner to Beth’s school. And I make them all buckle up, every time.

When we were brand-new parents, Eric spent about an hour installing the infant-seat base in the back of our Honda Accord, and when he and his brother were on a road trip and his brother wanted to recline the passenger seat all the way back so he could sleep in a more comfortable position, Eric refused to move the car seat base because he was so adamant about keeping that seat in the exact, perfect, SAFEST position for our little girl.

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FDA Says Breast Implants Linked to Rare Cancer

January 30, 2011 --

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday that breast implants may be linked to a heightened risk for a rare cancer, as evidenced in a small but growing number of cases that have been reported in recent years.

The agency now says that both silicon and saline implants may be linked to anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), which could develop within the scar tissue left by the implant procedure. But the absolute risk to any one woman is likely to be very low, experts stressed.

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A Garden Journal provides year-to-year record

January 29, 2011 --

by Judy Scott
OSU Extension Service

Now is a good time, while gardening has moved into low gear, to start a gardening journal to reflect on what happened in 2010 and to begin planning for the coming season.

What worked in the garden this past year and what needs to change next time? How much room did your winter squash really need, which tomato variety produced the best and how much shade did the fuchsia need?  If you wait until spring to think about it, the years could slide into each other.  Details can get slippery.

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Save Kevin James from being air brushed

January 28, 2011 --

Save Kevin James from being air brushed
BY Evergreen,
Oregon writer

When I saw the movie poster of Kevin James for the movie The Dilemma I instantly knew something was wrong. The man on the Dilemma poster was not the Kevin James I knew from his movies and King of Queens TV series. It looks like they stretched the photo vertically. Even Vince Vaughn looks stretched. His forehead looks larger than his face. Compare the Dilemma movie poster with a scene from the movie. Nonetheless, there is no need to air brush or to artificially thin Kevin. Kevin James is a very human actor and funny comedian. We like him just the way he is.

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Tween’s take on getting and giving respect

January 27, 2011 --

Respect ~ Interview with a Tween: How Do Kids Know Their Parents Respect Them?

by Jean Tracy, MSS

Kids get a sense of when parents respect them. They know by their parents’ words and actions too.  Have you ever wondered what your child might say, if your child was asked, “How do kids know their parents respect them?

I asked 12-year-old Dani. She offered 6 ways a child would know. She also offered 4 ways respected kids would treat others. Read her answers below.

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Cleaning Out The Green Way

January 26, 2011 --

By Erika Weisensee, Oregon Writer

There is something so cathartic about cleaning up the clutter at the beginning of a new year. “Dejunkifying,” as I like to call it, leads to a more serene, livable and enjoyable home. With recycle and donation centers willing to accept a myriad of used things, these days very little needs to go in the garbage. The task then for homeowners becomes sorting through things and finding out who takes what. Here are some guidelines to help you de-clutter the sustainable way.

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New Year stirs desire for “home organization”

January 25, 2011 --

Organization: Desiring Order and Freshness
by Sandy Coughlin
The Relucant Entertainer 

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” ~William Morris

It’s January, a time when I come up with a plan of getting organized in my home. I seem to let things get over-cluttered, partly because I end up with so much “stuff” or things that I want to display.

And then there is entertaining supplies. How much do I really need? How much do I want to store? I’m constantly having to thin out and let go of stuff and to figure out what I want to use, and then figure out an organized storage system.

I will admit, organization is the KEY!

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How I deal with those Boomer Moments

January 24, 2011 --

Olivia C. Rossi, RN, MSN, ACSM
Your Personal Trainer

I’m a Baby Boomer. 1949 is my year. When I have one of “those” moments, I prefer to call it a “Boomer moment” rather than a senior moment. Depending on where you are, you may not even qualify as a senior at my age. I’m 61. One store in town gives discounts to seniors on Tuesdays. Their definition of a senior is 60. Another store gives senior discounts on Wednesdays for those over 65. If you are in sunny, forever young California, you qualify at age 55! Discounts for Disneyland! Seniors are people who are older than I am, sometimes. I want my “Boomer” discount!

I saw my doctor the other day. He’s younger than I am . . . they all are these days. He told me I had a couple of “troubled discs” in my low back. I knew that. He also said I didn’t need surgery. I knew that, too. I told him it was a result of “time on the planet.” He liked that. Said he planned to use it himself. It sounds kinder than “aging” or “getting old.”

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Is there a literary link to love?

January 23, 2011 --

Matching Language, True Love?
by Health Day News

The next time you have a first date, forget about chemistry and common interests.  What really matters, new research suggests, is whether your language styles match.

How can you boost the chances of that, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like chemistry — it’s there or it isn’t.

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Cell phone users nearing 100% of population

January 21, 2011 --

Cell phone users nearing 100% of population
By Evergreen,
Oregon writer

About 93% of Americans use either a cell-phone or a wire-less device. Nearly a third of those electronic devices are higher tech gadgets allowing people to check their emails or browse the internet. Is that 93% correct? Really? Put in simple terms, in a room of 100 people there will be only 7% not connected to a wireless device (hearing aids do not count). I know we are always reminded of the prevalence of cell-phones when you hear them go off in a crowded room and a dozen people begin checking their pants to see if it is them.   That is a sign of high wireless use.   Yet, 93% still seems high.

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