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Dad’s example of what love looks like

February 28, 2011 --

What Love Looks Like
By Kari Patterson

Sacred Mundane
Oregon mom

When I woke this morning at 6am, he was already gone. My dad, that is. I don’t know what time he left to get back to the hospital with mom. The night before last he slept here until 12:30am and then was back by her side by 1am to be sure she was alright. There’s no extra bed in her hospital room, so he just sits in a chair by her side. He helps her go to the bathroom. Cleans her up, gets her water, makes her laugh. He challenges her to do one more leg lift, insists she do 10 “windshield wiper” exercises and then produces–to her great delight–a dark milky way candy bar from his jacket pocket. Her reward.

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Severe heart attack no more deadly to women than men

February 27, 2011 --

by Health Day News

Gender does not appear to have any impact on the risk of dying following a severe heart attack, new research indicates.

The study authors observed that female heart attack patients who undergo in-hospital procedures such an angioplasty are, in fact, more likely to subsequently die than male patients.

However, they suggest that the additional risk is not a function of gender, but rather of the fact that women are generally older than their male counterparts and are burdened with more complicating health issues at the time of treatment.

“When we adjusted for factors such as age and comorbidities like hypertension and diabetes, women had similar mortality rates at the time of the heart attack as men,” lead author Dr. Elizabeth Jackson, an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, said in a news release.

Jackson and her colleagues reported their findings in the current issue of the American Heart Journal.

The authors noted that women make up about a third of patients who undergo procedures necessary to unclog arteries involved in the onset of heart attacks. And they point out that, according to the American Heart Association, heart disease is responsible for nearly double the amount of deaths among American women than all cancers combined, including breast cancer.

To explore death rates among such patients, the team focused on about 8,800 patients undergoing treatment for ST-elevation myocardial infarction, or STEMI, a severe heart attack.

While gender was not implicated in a higher risk of death among treated women, the authors found that female patients do face a higher risk of experiencing the kind of post-treatment bleeding that prompts vascular complications or results in the need for a transfusion.

More information

For more on heart disease and gender, visit the Women’s Heart Foundation.

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Lara Logan support letter finished, sent.

February 25, 2011 --

Recently Oregon Women’s Report did an article about the terrible sexual assault of CBS Reporter Lara Logan during the Egyptian revolution.    Because the incident was made so public this website decided to go public in a positive show of support and asked readers to email or leave comments in support.   We posted those special comments on a card and mailed it to CBS in New York.
Here is what the card said.

Dear Lara,

As editor of Oregon Womens Report I asked our readers to write you their wishes of solidarity with you.

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“Love Notes” can teach love and respect

February 24, 2011 --

Teaching your family love and respect with love notes
by Jean Tracy, MSS

If you want your kids to love and respect you and each other too, keep reading. I can almost guarantee each member of your family will give and receive the love and respect each member craves. Your mission, if you choose to take it is, “Look for the Good” in your kids. It CAN be done!

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Baking brings healing on a sentimental day: Flourless Chocolate Cake

February 22, 2011 --

Hugs & Kisses: Flourless Chocolate Cake!
by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer

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Kyron Horman case changes direction

February 21, 2011 --

Oregon Update: The latest news on the Kyron Horman missing boy case shows how the family is turning the search back unto the stepmother in a very public and aggressive way. We are witnessing a series of events and turns that are uncommon in a missing child investigation and thought it in the interest to pass on along this Kyron Horman news video detailing the change of events. (The news is from KGW-TV.)

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Stop Talking. Start helping Lara Logan!

February 20, 2011 --

Stop Talking. Start helping Lara Logan!
by Naomi Inman
Oregon Women’s

I am still reeling from the hurt and horror I felt when hearing that CBS reporter, Lara Logan, suffered brutal and sustained sexual attacks and violent beatings from a crowd while covering the Egypt Revolution.  Like many of us, Lara is a beloved wife and the mother of young children who is pursuing her life’s work–often at great peril.

It is a double tragedy that this rape has now been made public so soon.  Most victims names are withheld from the public, and most victims can choose when and how to inform their families and friends.  Her victimization has now been thrust upon the world stage.  She has become the subject of political debates and evolving problems that do nothing but make a tragedy much worse.

But we women have the power to make things better.  We always have!

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Female TV Reporter’s severe migraine mimicked a stroke


TV Reporter’s Severe Migraine Mimicked a Stroke
by Health Day News

Many people who watched Los Angeles TV reporter Serene Branson suffer what appeared to be a stroke while covering the Grammy awards last Sunday were no doubt relieved to hear her troubles were apparently caused by a severe migraine headache.

Doctors at the University of California, Los Angeles, who performed a brain scan and blood work on Branson, said she suffered a type of migraine — often called a complex or complicated migraine — that can mimic symptoms of a stroke, the Associated Press reported Friday.

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Fresh produce for your table–even with a short-season

February 19, 2011 --

How to grow vegetables in Oregon’s colder regions
by OSU Extension

Frost is a threat through much of the growing season in cold pockets of western Oregon and throughout much of the east side. Although summer vegetables can be a challenge to grow in these short-season areas, many fearless gardeners enjoy bountiful harvests just the same.

Janice Cowan, horticulturist with the Baker County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service, says there are steps gardeners can take to increase their chance for success. First, she said, is to choose the warmest and most sheltered spot for your garden site.

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Shirtless neighbor stirs her curiosity

February 17, 2011 --

The Shirtless Guy
By Jen Rouse
The Short Years
Oregon Blog

It was early morning, still dark, and I was out running, my feet hitting the pavement the only sound in the sleepy neighborhood. Then, up ahead, I saw a figure moving toward me.

A man, I could tell from his size. Not tall but stocky and broad-shouldered. Thick gloves on his hands, a hat on his head, and a muffler covering half his face. Dark pants, white shoes. But…something didn’t look right. What was he…? And as I moved closer, I could see that this guy was not wearing a shirt. Pre-dawn, biting cold, out walking the streets with his chest bare and belly hanging out.

Maybe you’ll understand that I quickened my pace and kept my finger on the trigger of my Mace until I was well past him.

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