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How I stopped being a crazy hostess

November 30, 2012 --

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer

The simple way to live is to pace yourself so you can accomplish a lot in life and not get derailed through burnout. -Joyce Meyer

I’m really not a crazy hostess. I’m not out of control in my scheduling of dinner dates and inviting people over. But at one time, I wasn’t as balanced as I am now.

I had to learn, like any newlywed, the limits of going overboard versus finding a balance in entertaining, and one that worked well for both myself and my husband. It takes work to figure that out. And I had to learn to listen to my husband.

Now I ask ahead of time what my husband has going on. We discuss it together who we want to invite over. We think it through …

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Life in a really small Oregon town

November 29, 2012 --

By Michal Ann McArthur,
Bend writer

When my friends Claryce and Bill Parker moved to Spray, Oregon, the population exploded to a whopping 162. Often, as I drive through a town like Spray, I wonder what life is like for a woman living there. Claryce gave me a fascinating peek.

First, I was curious about shopping. Spray has a general store, run by a husband and wife. Downstairs they sell hardware, upstairs they sell groceries. They usually have bread, milk, and eggs, and maybe a little produce. “There’s not even as much as a 7-11,” says Claryce.

So how does she cope when stores are a three-hour trip away? She plans sewing projects and meals a month ahead and buys food in bulk, storing staples like flour and sugar in big airtight plastic bins. Most homes in Spray are equipped with large, well insulated pantries. The Parkers go shopping once a month in Bend.

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10 things I never thought I would do (before I became a mom)

November 28, 2012 --

by Gena, Silver Nest Designs
Oregon Blog Earth Monkey Moms

I was inspired to write this post after a little “voxer” conversation that I was having with Lindsay a good friend when she said “I have to go shower, I haven’t showered in 3 days… and then she went on to describe a lack of hygiene practices that no human should have to be subject to!  Lets just say that I am glad that I have not been around this unnamed person for a few days!!! 😉  Anyway, it got me to thinking about all of the crazy things that us moms do (or don’t do) that would have made us completely gag, or at least cringe at before we became mothers!  so here are a few
{please God, let these readers relate!}

1} I never thought I would EVER not shower for 3 days in a row…yep, had to start with that one. (it still makes me cringe 😉

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My fashion eyewear makes me blind

November 27, 2012 --

by Jamie Brazil, Portland
Her blog
Author of Prince Charming, Inc.

My vision is seriously impaired.  Not only do I suffer occasional bouts of label blindness, but 365 days a year I can’t see a damn thing from behind the rims of my one-and-only pair of Chanel sunglasses!  I’m seriously thinking of getting rid of them… except they were such a great deal.

Two years ago, I bought this authentic pair of 1990s-era Chanel sunglasses for $15 at a yard sale.  The smooth black frames and the noticeable-but-not-too-obnoxious interlocking C’s are chic and timeless.  Unfortunately, the lenses are so dark I strain to make out shadowed objects on the brightest days of August.  I wouldn’t dare drive in these glasses.  There’s such as a thing as lenses being too dark (unless of course the wearer is facing a paparazzi mob – something I’ve never done – but I imagine these glasses would be an excellent choice for say, Bono or Lindsey Lohan).

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10 Things To Stop Worrying About

November 26, 2012 --

by Shannon Ables
Eastern Oregon writer
The Simply Luxurious Life

“If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that you can do something about it, then there is no need to worry. If it’s not fixable, then there is no help worrying. There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.”– Dalai Lama XIV
Whether it’s worrying about the weather, relationships woes, or how your goals are going to come into fruition, the time spent on worrying can add up to unnecessary time wasted.  However, while most people recognize this truth, such knowledge doesn’t necessarily make it easier to stop worrying.

While it can be productive in certain situations to attempt to see around the corner so that potential problems can be averted, so much of what people worry about isn’t something that actually improves the quality of our lives. And I believe at the heart of worry, at least for me, is having the desire to fix something so that I can move past it and thus, move forward.

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Tips on how to get more from the holidays

November 23, 2012 --

By Elisabeth K. Corcoran
Author of He Is Just That Into You

Every Christmas seems to get busier and busier. And yet, you are the same woman with the same responsibilities and the same amount of money and energy that you have the rest of the year. So here are some simple ideas to think about adding to your holiday season to make it more meaningful for you and for your family.  (Keep in mind, this is not a guilt trip; just ask God what he would like you to do this year, and add only those things.)

Do something with your kids:
– Bake cookies with them, no matter what they end up looking like.
– Build snowman or have a snowball fight or make snow angels.
– Involve them in basic ways – pass out invites each year, help sign and stamp the Christmas cards.

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Worst Thanksgiving family photo

November 22, 2012 --

And you thought your family was odd, check out this family Thanksgiving photo.

one more…

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Macy’s shows how to deep fry entire holiday meal

November 21, 2012 --

Macy’s shows how to deep fry entire holiday meal 
By Evergreen,

Oregon blogger

We have all heard by now the idea of deep frying a turkey, but what about everything else on your plate?  Now we have Macy’s department stores offering a mini-cookbook guide on how to deep fry everything on your plate including mashed potatoes and deep fried stuffing balls.   I could not believe my eyes.

Below is their guide, please check it out if you dare.  You might just gain 5 pounds by looking at it!

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Why everything changes at age three

November 20, 2012 --

By Rebekah Schneiter,

Out Numbered Blog

Why is three so hard? My memory is not kind either, because unfortunately I’ve forgotten how tricky the other two boys were at this age. In the moment, I feel like A is my nemesis, my nightmare. He’s the one proving to the world that I am an unfit parent, mother. Hans tells me B and C were both rough at this age. I seem to have forgotten. I’m sure A is the hardest.

My nightly reading is a book titled, Knowing Your Three-Year-Old. I find comfort and encouragement from this read. My favorite line goes something like this, “The three-year-old sees his mother as his enemy at age three-and-a-half. This is a good age for the mother to enroll her child in preschool, to give her and her child a few hours off from each other.” Unfortunately it is hard to take this book’s advice since I am my son’s preschool teacher. Oh dear. We are doomed.

I have put all my faith, hope, and love into the fact that his 4th birthday keeps getting closer and closer. February, come quickly.

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How to take things off your plate during holidays

November 19, 2012 --

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer

November is the month of thankfulness, lots of entertaining, cooking, and … piling too much on our plates.

I’m raising my hand in the air! Me, Me!

I think learning about balance during the holiday season is so important, and something that took me years to learn.

This would be a good week to sit down with a journal and write out your goals for the next 2 months.

What are the essentials? The things you really have to do, that you can’t get out of.

What are the non-essentials this time of year? For me, they are parties and activities that I really don’t have to attend or be a part of.

How to avoid being over-commited

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