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“Code Pink Boot Camp” comes to Oregon…fitness for women at every level

December 31, 2010 --

Oregon Expansion Set for 2011
by Laurena Marrone
Code Pink Boot Camp

Code Pink Women’s Fitness Boot Camp is expanding to Oregon.  The highly acclaimed women’s fitness programs in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas, has successfully expanded its operations to Oregon. The company established its first fitness and well-being boot camp in Lake Oswego this past October and plans for more Oregon locations are in the works.

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We can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap wine


We asked the question of our Women’s Report viewers, “Can you mostly tell the difference between a $10 and $100 bottle of wine when you are being served at dinner or at a party? ”   The results were 34% said Yes and 66 % said No.   What does this say about our tastes?

Comments below:

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Follow blogs to money saving coupons

December 30, 2010 --

Saving Money…by following blogs
by Brittanie
Oregon Blogger
Cupcake Kisses ‘N’ Crumbs

Another way you can save money is coupons.. and especially now that there are SOO many bloggers doing all the hard work for you! It doesn’t cost anything to follow these bloggers and pick and choose what your family can use as far as the groceries go.

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New Year, New Hope

December 29, 2010 --

By Erika Weisensee, Oregon Writer

The beginning of a new year is a time when many people resolve to make positive changes in their lives.  It is a time for fresh starts. It is also a time for hope.

I hope my family will grow in 2011 by the miracle of adoption. My husband and I have worked hard to make this happen. Now, we are waiting for news about the child who will become part of our family. The process of adopting is long and difficult, yet we are buoyed by hope.

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Shoppers defeat Best Buy 15% return penalty!

December 28, 2010 --

Shoppers win over Best Buy scrooge 15% return penalty!
Oregon Women’s Report News Note,

In November, Oregon Women’s Report featured an article warning shoppers to stay away from Best Buy because of their 15% restocking fee on returned items (See article Shopping Alert: Beware of 15% return gift fee.). The latest news is that Best Buy has cancelled their 15% restocking fee due to public pressure this holiday season (USA Today article). We could feel the pressure because we ourselves were getting emails from friends on this issue asking us to not shop at Best Buy.

Not everyone is changing. A survey of retailers showed that 84% of stores planned to keep their return policies in place this year according to the National Retail Federation. Wal-Mart this year tightened up the return period for cameras bought online 30 to a shorter 15 days. This is the opposite of Toys R’ Us for online purchases where they triple the time allotted from 30 days to 90 days.

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One more week at home? Three tips for investing in your child’s self-respect

December 27, 2010 --

“For teaching kids self-respect, what do parents need to know?”
by Jean Tracy
NW Writer

I asked my friend, Sharon Pahlka. Sharon, a social worker and life coach at Sharon gave me 3 powerful answers.  You matter,” she answered.

What do you mean? Sharon’s spiritual answer was, “God holds each of us in high esteem. We are made in His image. Children need to know that for self-respect. It’s easier to love and respect yourself when ‘Somebody’ loves you.”

Q: What can parents do to make their kids feel loved? 

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Could Santa’s Lack of Sleep on Christmas Eve Harm His Health?

December 26, 2010 --

by Health Day News

The lack of sleep experienced by Santa, his elves and reindeer around Christmas may put their health at risk, British sleep experts suggest.  While staying up all night on Christmas Eve may not harm Santa’s long-term health, there are short-term risks, according to Professor Franco Cappuccio and Dr. Michelle Miller, of the University of Warwick’s Warwick Medical School.

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A Merry Christmas Day Breakfast

December 25, 2010 --

Christmas Day Breakfast: Pear Vanilla French Toast Casserole
by Sandy Coughlin
Oregon Blogger
The Reluctant Entertainter

I was looking forward to my sisters coming over for brunch this past weekend … to celebrate Christmas, sisterhood, and to reminisce about our Mom.

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Holiday Tip: Why women over-drink

December 24, 2010 --

Oregon Women’s Report Survey,

A survey of 85,000 respondents by UT Southwestern College showed that more women are binge drinking.   We asked the question to Women Report viewers; “If you or “your friends” ever over-drink, what is the most likely reason that causes you to drink more than you intended?   The results show peer pressure dominates the answers.

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Relearning to be a fun wife

December 23, 2010 --

(Re)Learning to be fun: The Wife Edition
By Kari Patterson,
See her blog
Oregon mom

A few weeks ago I shared that I’m (Re)Learning to be fun, and I’m a little relieved to know I’m not the only mom who’s relearning this fun-stuff! Now if you’ve been married for longer than, say, a week, tell me this: If you look at pictures of when you were dating, or newly married, what do you see? I did this recently and you know what I saw? A whole lot of fun.

Our honeymoon album sits on the dresser in our bedroom. Its pages are filled with our fun adventures on Kauai. We had disasters (The Love Nest!), we had serious times, but all in all we began our marriage willing to laugh at anything, try anything, work it out and risk it all. You did too, right?

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