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Thanking teachers with a meal

September 30, 2013 --

Taking a meal to a teacher

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer
Medford blogger, author, entertainer.

My friend Jamie recently posted about an idea I wrote about in my book, quite a few years back–how to give a thank you to teachers from parents.

I love bringing food and hospitality and people together!

Time has flown by so quickly that I’ve completely forgotten about this idea! My kids are 21, 19, and almost 17. How?? did this happen?

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Quick fixes for common interior design mistakes

September 27, 2013 --

by Julie Nolta
Julie Nolta Design

Quick fixes for common interior design mistakes

Lots of people tell me they’re “design challenged” when it comes to decorating their homes. They feel like they’re not doing it right, but don’t know what to do about it. Here are a few of the common mistakes I see and some easy fixes that will have your rooms looking pulled together in no time.

WALLFLOWER FURNITURE. Too often all the furniture is backed up against the wall leaving a large empty space in the middle of the room, like in the photo below. This makes it hard to have a conversation with the person in the chair way over there!


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The right time for love, motherhood & writing that novel

September 25, 2013 --

by Crystal Kupper,
Crystal’s Cliffnotes
Salem Writer

The other day, on our way to the library, Brad Paisley’s song Then came on the radio. Instantly, I was transported away from the brothers poking and burping and the baby cooing in the backseat to a beautiful reception hall, filled with family and friends. Every eye was on the couple in the center of the dance floor, twirling around, mesmerized by the love from the other.
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Fantasizing about time

September 20, 2013 --

salt and straw

by Jamie Brazil, Portland
Her blog
Author of Prince Charming, Inc.

Some people fantasize about sex, success, a new car, ice cream, and all the usual sorts of things humans dream about.  I do too, but last week I found myself fantasizing about time. Having more of it. And that’s when I realized I’ve fallen into a vicious circle of sorts.

Like just about everyone else I know, I’m juggling obligations and creativity. As a writer, it’s sometimes hard to know where one starts and the other ends.  In the late spring I fantasized about all the time I would have during the dog days of summer. I didn’t grow a garden this year so I would have more time.  Yet the stretch of days to just be and focus didn’t happen. My energies, scattered all over the place, have been divided by new opportunities and finishing old projects.

Suddenly, I found myself luxuriating in the idea of winter being my time to cocoon, to be one with my muse. Yes, winter holds a wealth of possibilities! Not summer.  How foolish was I to think I might actually get everything I wanted to accomplish done this summer?

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Still finding I compare myself to others

September 18, 2013 --

by Sandy Coughlin
The Reluctant Entertainer
Medford blogger, author, entertainer.

Comparing yourself to others is a shallow way to live. I know, because I’ve fallen into this trap many times. Bottom line: It really sucks to “look for affirmation in all the wrong places.”

I can tell right away when I’m comparing myself to someone else, which is silly because it’s such a joy-stealer when it comes to hospitality, because I automatically feel discontent.

Sometimes it’s on Pinterest or other blogs, magazines, or even just being with friends. At my age, I would like to think that I’ve overcome most of these feelings, but they still creep in.

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Reflections on my new granddaughter

September 16, 2013 --

Day 1

Terri Patrick
Oregon writer
Terri Patrick’s blog

Here’s our new granddaughter – Kaedence Grace – on her first day in the world. She arrived gently and her mom had an easy time, finding the birthing ordeal as not that bad. Her daddy was impressed by the whole process. Of course what impressed him the most will be revealed in memories, after he gets some sleep.

Ed and I had jumped every time the phone rang, for six hours, from that first phone call that – “today is the the day” – until the second call inviting us to come meet our new granddaughter. It was almost 10PM but we quickly hopped into the car for the half hour drive. It was a drive where even with two maps, a GPS, and large illuminated signs directing us to the hospital, we were nervous about making a wrong turn.

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Age, Beauty & your own Mind

September 13, 2013 --

by Shannon Ables
Portland writer

The Simply Luxurious Life
“True beauty outwits its own fallibility. Don’t misunderstand me. There’s something fantastic about the beauty of youth – the spectacle of a new person suddenly arriving at their physical peak. And we can celebrate that happy accident for what it is: a case of time and nature working pleasingly to an individual’s advantage. But beauty in youth requires nothing of the possessor. It is only later that we expect the woman to step in, to take over, to augment that initial, guileless attractiveness with something deeper: confidence, instinct, self-knowledge, style, upon which lasting beauty depends. You can love a young woman for her freshness but you love her more when that freshness comes from a sense of promise.”

 – Andrew O’Hagan in “Laws of Attraction” found in Fall 2013 New York Times Style Magazine


The objectification of young girls who are accidentally blessed to fit the definition of our youth obsessed culture can be ultimately misled, and potentially destroyed if they are led to believe that looks are all they have to offer.


Andrew O’Hagan in his article “Laws of Attraction” found in the Fall 2013 NY Times Style magazine focuses on the topic of true beauty, and how sadly much of America, and thus women who’ve bought into it the notion of looks being paramount; thereby ignoring the power of intelligence and curiosity have done themselves a disservice.


Bringing up the French, he points out that “true beauty is not built to diminish, but to mature” and by respecting our bodies and how they change as we gain years we become more interesting, we become more mysterious, we become more self-assured because we choose to work with our bodies and our minds rather than fight against them. And because we see time as an opportunity to become wiser, more understanding of ourselves and the world, we thus become ever more attractive. Comically, yet spot-on he states, “Only with stupid men does a woman’s intelligence count against her.”

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Honest reflections on being a “working” mom

September 11, 2013 --

by Brittanie Gordon
Oregon Blogger
Cupakes, Kisses-n-Crumbs

Thoughts on being a “working” mom

I hate to call it a working mom, cause really all moms are working moms, for this I am referring to working out of the home.

I was probably a HORRIBLE friend to my mom friends that went back to work after baby, when kids were in school, when their husbands lost their job. Whatever the path was that lead them back to work while I was still a Stay At Home Mom, I wish I could go back and not be a crappy friend.

Hindsight is 20/20, and I can tell you being on the other end of this friendship where I am away from home has been SO hurtful in some aspects. Things I wish I knew before, or that I wish my friends knew but that I feel like a whiner for bringing up. But I am sure I can’t be the only one feeling these things either.

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‘Favorite Book’ Writing Contest – $300 Prizes!

September 9, 2013 --

bklv“Review your favorite book” Writing Contest — $300 in prizes

Oregon Women’s Report wants you to think about your favorite you read in the past two years. Share your thoughts & you could win $300 in prizes.

First pick your own prize category based on the book you wish to review:

$50.00 Romance
$50.00 Mystery/thriller
$50.00 Self-help/cooking/health/fitness/Family
$50.00 Religious
$50.00 Biography/Memoirs/Historical (non-fiction)
$50.00 Wildcard category

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Video Diary: Losing 88 pounds in 5 seconds!

September 7, 2013 --

This woman, named Amanda, Age 26, chronicled her 88 pound weight loss (from 222) by using her smartphone camera. Read more.

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